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Electric Vehicles in NJ does NOT require state inspection

Just called the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, Vehicle Inspection department 609-633-9471 :

100% EV does NOT require inspection.

If anyone else would like to call and double check, that would be great.

Just left a message for joe spinelli, I presume at the DMV. How about the sticker?

Bernie spier

Sorry, correct phone number for MVC inspection department is 609-633-9474

great one more thing I do not have to worry about.

Just got my plates title and registration from Tesla over the mail.

Just called and they confirmed that I don't have to get an inspection.

Went to inspection today, and was told i did not have to be inspected and don't need a sticker. The employee gave me copy of the regulation which i put with my registration in case i get stopped and the police don't believe me.

Great, no more ugly inspection stickers at the left lower driver side windshield!!! Rejoice !

@frankben - can you please let me know what that regulation is so that I can google it and print it out for myself. We were stopped yesterday by the police for not having an inspection sticker. We explained that we went to the inspection station, stood in line and they told us that electric vehicles don't need inspection stickers anymore. They let us go, but it would be good to have the copy of the regulation in the car with us.


Since 2010, NJ vehicle inspection only includes emissions inspection, which does NOT apply to electric vehicles.

"Gasoline-fueled motor vehicles include those fueled by gasoline, gasoline-alcohol blends, alcohol, and gaseous fuels like hydrogen, propane and natural gas. Pure electric vehicles are not included. The regulations at N.J.A.C. 7:27-15 cover inspection requirements, highway standards, idling limits and anti-tampering provisions."

here are links to print out:

I agree that according to what is printed, it appears that we do not need inspection, however, when my plates arrived from Tesla, they included a card to be taken to an inspection station. I did so and, with copies of the above said to the attendant "So I don't need an inspection, right?" He replied that i needed a sticker, pulled me from the line, told me that he had done a couple of Teslas and gave me a five year sticker. I guess that that relatively quick trip probably saved me from a discussion or two at the side of the road a a less convenient time.

If a sticker is required, I don't mind getting one. If an inspection is not required for an electric vehicle, I don't want one on my car just to satisfy an ill-informed law enforcement officer.

I wish we would establish whether in fact, an emissions inspection and sticker is required or not.

I found this guidance on the NJ DMV website, it is an FAQ dated 2010.

"What vehicles have to be inspected every two years for emissions?

Vehicles that have to be inspected for emissions every two years are:
• Gasoline and bi-fueled vehicles plated as passenger, not-for-profit, governmental, commuter van, farmer or farm truck, five (5) model years and older, excluding buses.
• Diesel-powered, passenger motor vehicles plated as passenger, not-for-profit, governmental, commuter van, farmer or farm truck model year 1997 and newer with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) 8,500 pounds or less, five (5) model years and older, excluding buses."

Here's the link to the page, which lists vehicles exempt from the requirement. The interesting thing is, EV's are not one of the listed types.

I think if you print out the FAQ pdf and keep it with you, you could probably avoid getting a ticket, but I would still like to see a source listing EV's as exempt vehicles.


It makes no sense to give out a 5 year inspection sticker. At the end of 5 years, when you drive in to the inspection station, there is nothing to be inspected, since they only care about emissions; all mechanical issues are owner's responsibliilty.

I think many of the state employees and police officers are missed informed, or simply does not know that electric cars doesn't need emissions inspection. NJ MVC needs to updates it's sites, and educate their employees. I am betting some also think that Tesla is a hybrid :)

Got my Tesla last week..I received the yellow NJMVC card in the mail with the registration saying I needed to get an inspection. Went to the Paramus Inspection station today and was told no inspection and sticker required!! The MVC should issue us a special "NO INSPECTION REQUIRED" sticker.

When I got my car, I sent my son to MVD they did not inspect the car though gave us a new car dealer window sticker valid until 2018. Could any none email me a picture of the no inspection require so I could go back to NJDMV of Cherry Hill and argue with them for a new sticker.

There is no such thing as the "no inspection sticker".. Most of us just drive around without a sticker.

I got the same yellow card to get the car inspected. When I got there the guy waved me over and told me to go home. Said the people at the DMV don't know not to send the ev's to get inspected. I hate the DMV and the morons that work there!!!

just went to motor vehicle inspection station in Wayne, NJ. They said no sticker is needed and no paperwork is required for all electric only cars in the state of NJ. So if you get the ticket after buying your new TESLA, do not go to get it inspected!

Yes, ignore that yellow card that tells you to bring your car in for inspection. No inspection is needed for EV's. No more waiting at the DMV inspection line, thank goodness.

Now if only if the police officers can learn to identify a Model S , cuz a few NJ owners had gotten pulled over for no inspection sitcker :) Then they had to spend some "Tesla time" educating the officers.

Happened to me in Bordentown today. Would be good to have something from the state, as I really didn't have the time to spare today.

You would think the state would offer an exempt sticker for the window or license plate, it would one less reason to do a car stop and let the officers spend time on more pressing issues.

It would be better to educate the cops than mar the windshield of a model s with a sticker stating it is exempt from inspection :)

On my Model S delivery in May I went to Wayne inspection station and was told no inspection sticker needed. I was recently pulled over in Wildwood Crest by an officer since I had no inspection sticker, although I think he just wanted to check out the car. We talked about the Model S and Tesla for 10 minutes.

Glad I saw this thread . I got the yellow card with my plates and was going to take time off from work to go to the inspection station.

Looks like things may be changing at the DMV. I got my old ICE car inspected and asked about the Tesla. They said some new memo is going around and we may need to go in for a sticker now even though no testing is being done. Probably because of all of this pulling over going on.

It still sounds like its up to the owner more than anything though. Don't get a sticker, talk to the cops, get a sticker, don't.


I just got pulled over today for lack of sticker and no front plate. The front plate is my fault (just haven't gotten around to it) and the sticker I don't need. The officer checked and found out that the law is apparently changing. He said that a sticker will be required and the Tesla would be sending owners letters shortly. Anyone else hear about this?

Haven't heard about the new law, but I did ask the manager at the DMV location in Wayne and he said I didn't need to come in or get a sticker.

I saw a NJ mS with a new car inspection sticker (expires 2017) in the windshield. Don't know why / how (s)he got it, and I don't want one if I can avoid it. Its great to have a car with no annoying stickers...

I was actually looking forward to showing up with my NOFUMES license plate and seeing them try to check the emissions.

Nice plate! My "LOL GAS" plate is on the way.

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