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Elon on Battery Swap: "I'm a fan of optionality"

He also said "today is about supercharging" and "we may have something to say about that in the future" very awkwardly. Very odd.

He also said did not see it as a good idea for Tesla

Thank goodness. I think battery swapping is not at all practical and a horrible idea for them to consider.

I was pleased when Elon said, "Pack swap is not a brilliant idea."

I think it's a good idea for fleet cars. If a police station went to Model S cruisers, then a battery swap may be a good option for them, to keep the cars on the road instead of charging half the time.

@holidayday - Bingo. It makes great sense for fleet cars (police cruisers, taxis, etc.) where the question of "who owns the battery" is moot. I think the cost of a robotic swap machine would be pretty quickly recouped by the gasoline savings...

Yes, with their own equipment and inventory of batteries, chargers, etc. All they really need from TM is the specs, and the spares.

I don't think that pack swap is a particularly brilliant idea. It's pretty obvious at a small scale. Can you do it with something much larger, how convenient it would be.

I think that he's going to do a disposable quick charge pack that you carry around and then "burn" to get you between chargers. It will require an adapter wired to the charger. Done.

Think single use/recyclable rather than swapping the regular pack.

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