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Elon got his S?

A quick tidbit in today's blog. A company director and Elon received their Performance models. I would have thought there would be more fanfare. More importantly, who is getting theirs on the 22nd?

The first customer?

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I think Steve Jurvetsky is the first customer (I may have misspelt his surname).

Steve Jurvetson. Very remarkable person. Shy from the public, but google him and you'll find LOTS of stories about him nevertheless.

Steve received the first car off the line. Next was Elon.

He is also one of the very few and far in between people who actually got to test drive (as in: behind the wheel) the Model S when it was still in beta:

Well, he may be shy from public, but he's proud enough of his new car to put up and comment on two pictures on Flickr:

From his own comments:

And there is a fun story here. I agreed to judge the final project presentations for a marketing class focused on new product launches. What do the first two teams present? The Tesla Model S. What a cool coincidence. So I had to whisper to the Professor that it's actually sitting in their garage. So after class, a group goes over to take a look, and best of all, the Prof. was so impressed by the demo I gave that he said he will now buy two of them. Marketing to the marketing Prof. Nice. =)

Here's a mfg video of robots making the frame, attaching side frame, etc., which he linked to:

Brian H, that's the video from Tesla's blog post:

And here he is taking delivery:

Looks like when he "put in gear", the power startled him a bit. This isn't going to drive like an ice, kids... : )

Hope that tie fashon doesn't catch on. It's the business dress equivilent of "pants on the ground".

You mean the Tesla lanyard?

Thought it was a tie. Lanyard, you think? Rather wide.

Look at it. All those designs on it are white TM logos.

When I saw it I knew I was going to have to try to get my hands on one. Then I can subtly show off every day instead of the odd Friday when I wear my Tesla golf shirt to work :-)

I asked today and Model S both 1 and 2 are indeed Performance models. They waited this long for the cars and were not going to pull the reigns back on their orders! :)

(that's "reins".)
Elon indicated both he and J. were going to put their cars through their own personal torture testing, and have them gone over with fine-tooth combs to try and pick out even the most unlikely dis-satisfaction points. 3 weeks of perfectionistic picking of nits before the 22nd.

Just curious, how many Twitter followers do you have Brian? :D I kid, I kid, thanks for the correction once again you old wordsmith! ;)

I'm guessing that if Elon has a problem with his after "personal torture testing", he knows a good place to get it fixed quickly (under warranty?).

He'd be fixing the mfg line! I noticed in the shareholders' Q&A that reference was made to a few revised dies still in the pipeline, speaking of last-minute adjustments.

Sounds like Elon's "iterations" may involve fairly substantial tweaks, as issues show up. Be fascinating to know what the new dies were for!

Twitter? 13, apparently. No idea who or why. I make use of 'social media' only when there are no other options. /;-p

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