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Elon Musk on CNBC

I can listen to Elon talk all day :-)

"I think I get far too much credit for the success of Tesla. The reason that we've been successful here is because we have a team of people who work super hard. I'm the one who talks about the results but it's not me who did it really, it's the team here who did it." Elon Musk

Inside Tesla with Elon Musk (4:17)

Elon on Tesla's stock price (1:57)

Musk: 'Truly gargantuan battery factory' (1:54)

Tesla's CEO on crash results (4:48)

Tesla ramps up Model S production (7:10)

Thanks EdieMilo!

"Giga-factory". Love it.

Thx @Edie

Thanks Edie, this is great.
This is the first I've heard about the hood being designed to have a "trampoline effect" in case you hit a pedestrian. Sounds silly - but maybe it will be the design of the future!

Thanks for posting the links.

The guy (Elon) is brilliant and it's obvious TESLA is in very good hands.

Don't tell your kids about the trampoline!

Edie rocks!!
Thanks for the great line up of videos...


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