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Elon Musk to Oslo, 6th March


Elon Musk, Tesla CEO cordially invites to join him for an exclusive reception at Tesla Oslo Showroom & Service Centre on Wednesday, 6th March, 2013

Count me in. Lot's of questions to ask ;-)

Strike that - 24:30 into the recording. Display was messed up.

It is funny how George tries to "manage" what Elon says. From George's reaction, support for DAB radio was not something that TM was planning, until Elon said they would. Likewise he tells Elon to "think!" before Elon answers the question "will there be 4 wheel drive in the Model S" (answer - no time soon)

Swapping out the battery pack for a larger one in the future would be a great idea, but it is opposite of what this says:

Is it possible that nkinkaid was only talking about the battery replacement option -- i.e., upfront payment of $8k, $10k, or $12k to replace a 40, 60, or 85 kWh battery, respectively? His answer was posted shortly after the replacement option was announced, and there were many questions at the time about whether it would be possible to use the option to replace a smaller battery with a larger one.

I think it is the difference between an engineering answer and a marketing answer. Just check the number of times George winces when Elon is speaking.

The bad thing about that, is they both give different answers, which just adds to the confusion. They really need to sync what they say. I think if it is possable, that should be an option.

Engineering and corporate policy do not always fit neatly.

The question asked was if a replacement could be considered in the future when battery technology was expected to improve. The answer was that this shall be possible, as the car is designed for that in a way, not seen in the Roadster. If I understand the above discussion, he did not say that you can buy the car and then order an upgrade to a different battery pack.

@GeirT +1 - exactly (future technical possibility, versus today existing sales model)

It's rather simple- the intelligence of the battery management for Roadster lies in the car and not with the battery, meaning that it will not be capable of accepting a different battery placed. With model S it's designed so, that the battery management is in the battery pack, producing a battery with differnet capacity, but matching management, will do the trick. In addition the possible battery has to fit in size and weight. Obviously cars driving adjustments have been made according to projected weight, difference in that would mean too many changes in the car. I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of Model S running on streets over the years and there will be an attractive option to upgrade the battery pack when needed. Either it's from Tesla or some aftermarket production shall remain to be seen. I for sure will go for smallest(for Europe 60) battery pack and most probably upgrade it to a bigger pack after unknown amount of years. This would require the car also to be in good shape when it's time to change the battery. Would not make sense to invest serious money into battery when rest of the car is falling apart. Looking at the charging possibilities announced for European model yesterday, made me certain that 60 kWh battery suits me very well.

Note that an old (70%) 85kWh battery has the capacity of a new 60kWh one, and its degradation has slowed. It would make a fine replacement for an old 60.

Note also that an old 60kWh battery has the capacity of a new 40kWh battery, which many in Europe wish they could buy.

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