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Elon Musk wants to manufacture half a million cars per year at the Fremont car factory (within a few years time). Possible?

I think that this is an extremely high target. And yes, the Tesla Model S really is a super car, but only 1 model is not enough to create the demand to manufacture half a million cars per year. And the Model X is also a great car. But to really create a demand for half a million cars per year Tesla Motors must have 10 different Electric Vehicles on offer to all of the car markets in this world. That would mean that Tesla Motors will have to introduce 1 new Electric Vehicle per year as from 2013. Then it just might be possible to reach this target of manufacturing half a million cars per year as from the year 2020. But each of these 10 different Electric Vehicles must be succesfull. Will that happen? Is Tesla Motors that good? Both Model S and Model X are super cars, but will the next 8 models be also that good? I personally hope that they are, let me be clear about that. And ultimately time will tell. But I sure would like to know other people's opinion on this topic.

@JZ13 & Kleist, I stand corrected. Nice to see that Tesla is actually doing something to batteries and not only rely on Panasonic in this. It opens up possibility that Tesla at some point manufactures their own batteries possibly in US which would make it near 100% US product.

Thanks for the info guys. This would indeed really be fantastic. And very strategic on the long term. As the battery pack is the main secret of the company (beside the software part of the Tesla Motors EV's).

Kleist, your idea makes sense to me. Awesome.

Where do the raw materials for these batteries come from? That would have something to do with the best place to manufacture them.

@ carlgo

Most likely from Africa or Asia, I guess.

Huge US lithium deposits are turning up, too.

That's great, because the more lithium deposits turn up the better it will be.

I believe I heard Elon say that lithium makes up less than 1% of the battery. I think Cobalt is the largest mineral in the battery.

All materials that go into battery cells are important of course, as it's all about the combination that gets you the desired results.

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