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Elon's first Martian City, what should it be called ? How about ...

How about..."Elonia" ? It sounds otherworldly. And "Elon Musk / Elonia" follows the " Alexander the Great / Alexandria " meme.


I know it doesn't sound very imaginative, but I can almost guarantee you that, like me, Elon was inspired to dream by that television show (full episodes on youtube: It had tube travel, renewable energy, etc. All in the mid 1970s. It was like Inception for us "of a certain age" who have been waiting for base alpha since then. Ok, turning geek-mode off...

I can imagine a lot of possibilities for martian city names, just make sure all martian cities are connected by martian hyperloops from day one !

Any of our forumn readers working on the Martian version of the hyperloop yet ? Natural low air pressure up there, that's good for hyperloops no ?

Just think everyone on earth will know the name of the first martian city, (maybe Alpha),.

Does anyone know the name of the first earth city ?

Yes, that would be "Grunt". That name was uttered by first human settlement leader when they found perfect place to set fire with good hunting grounds around and there were no sabretooth lions or cave bears nearby.

I would think the first Earth city was "Eden", since in the bible Adam & Eve lived in the "Garden of Eden". Which begs the question who was Eden ? Anyone know ?

Didn't watch Moonbase Alpha while it ran, but from what I can see of episode 1, the science was mostly delusional.

If you forget the episode variable "sciences" like that "explosion to change moon orbit" then rest were not that bad.

@Tesluthian, garden of Eden was run by Loki, he got kicked out of there after the Ukko Ylijumala figured out that he made an "forbidden fruit" -trick to mess with humans. Zeus consulted Ukko that what should be done with Loki and it was decided that he should be given to Asgard court as step-brother to Thor because Odin had wished to have another brother.

Make that son, not brother. Eden was obviously wife of Yahweh. Probably her second name, because her given name, Asherah, was too difficult to pronounce by humans. She was written off the Bible after, I think, revision 200, right after they had molted the two creation stories from different sources.


I've heard of Thor & Odin, recognize Loki from a movie; the rest sounds like a totally unread "prequel to the Adam & Eve Story" from the Northsmen/Vikings to me. Someone missing seems to be "Michael the Archangel" he should be in there somewhere, he's more less the Hans Solo of the heavens, "Star Wars" style, battling the evil empire.

"New Earth" kinda has a fun ring to it!

More like Jar Jar Binks than Han Solo in this set of mythical creatures. While that second message was written a bit tongue in the cheek, it is based on facts. There were "Gods wife" in early Jew mythology and the two creation stories are collected from two different sources. Bible is no more real than Silmarillion is real. If there is a "god" it can't be such a tiny creature Bible represents him. It can't be anything resembling any religion.

Terra Nova. Wait, that is used in TV series. I know, Weight Watchers heaven. That's it.

About the science, it was when they discovered the nuclear waste dumped on the Moon was emitting the dreaded "Magnetic Radiation" that I concluded the writers were just making S** up.

It's a bit like Star Trek "particle of the day". If you don't pay attention of the what's the days problem, and pay attention to design and "everyday space problems", they got those right enough.

But yes, it is mostly just fantasy and badly outdated (computers especially are hilarious in that). Very few space series got their facts right. Babylon 5 is close, but even that has severe errors every now and then (main problem: sounds in space).

City: Elonsium? Ahayweh? (Abandon ...)

Surface domes are not necessarily the best way to go; tunnels into some of the huge cliff faces?

Elonthra, Elontioch, Elontiem, Elonatopia, Elonotopia, Elontera, Elondom, Elontricity, Elonicity, Elonthion, Elondipity, & Elonatious.

Timo, for some reason modern religion Gods don't have sex, thus no wives either. Although I did find one movie, where the angel Michael, (played by John Travolta),did have sex at about the 8 minute mark in link. This however seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.

That's religion trying to survive with modern world. Anybody with half-brain can see that "some guy" is not sufficient as god (unfortunately apparently there are huge bunch of people with less than half-brain).

Hm, martian rocks have formed in lesser gravity, maybe they are less dense than Earth equivalents. At least until you stumble to metals. Underground settlement probably works best. Domes for vegetation more than living.

Main problem I see in terraforming Mars is it's thin atmosphere. You not only need to change it's composition, you need to make it thicker.

How about just 'Musk'.
Although, to be fair to actually get anything like a earth comparable city on mars there are at least two major challenges to overcome that could be thought of already, potentially as challenging as reusable rockets -
1. How to sustain humans for long periods of time given the high and lethal radiation environment.
2. How to terraform mars.
If such a vision is to be successful it will be thanks to a few more smart people to come later & find solutions to these problems as well as others problems. So the first city on mars could be rightfully named after an innovator we don't know the name of yet, though you can't role out he/she might be born already.

I think it should be named Rekall, in honour of the (original) Total Recall movie ;)

More Martian City name ideas.

Cinnabar (red pigment) or other words for red.

Elon Angeles or "Los Elongeles".

New Age: Newmanity.

Astro-physics: Galactica.

Or how about "Solar City" ? Good advertising for Elon's other company, do they do inter-planetary installations ?


Nikola was from there.

Solar City would be more appropriate to Cloud City in Venus. But obviously that just must have name "Cloud City".

Maybe "Hope", as in "We still have some hope of better and more civilized tomorrow".

Maybe "Port Lowell"?

Let's see how about combining some of your ideas:
New Earth + Hope +Alpha =
"New Hope Alpha"

Rust Bowl.


Rust ? How about Io, (short for iron oxide).

I like Elonsium; but with a different meaning.

Elonsium definition:
1) Gynasium for the mind.
2) Name of a school on Mars that uses Elon teaching & learning principles.

So a back to school sale on Mars would be called a
"Back to Elonsium sale".

On the rust theme , I could go for "Oxidacious", assuming oxidation is causing the red color.

To tesluthian: the first earth city which could be called a city was Rome.

Rome is quite modern. There are several high cultures older than Rome, including some completely wiped out African cultures that build cities. Nobody really knows what the first city was called. Even here in Finland we have permanent settlements older than Rome, but ancient Finnish people build their settlements from wood which doesn't preserve well. All I know there could have been first city right here.

For example of Mediterranean cultures at least Athens predate Rome quite a bit. Another one: THIS IS SPARTA!

Was that a link? Ur and China and SE Asia might like to put in a claim or two.

(no, just :-P). Oldest Maya towns/cities also predate Rome.

One thing which makes Rome special was their engineers. For example their concrete was better than modern concrete, scientist just recently found out why it was so good. Heron of Alexandria was Roman (Creek living in Alexandria which was part of the Rome at that time). I sometimes wonder if he would have made the short mental connection with his syringe-device and steam devices to build first true steam engine, what would the world look like today. He was so close.

First inhabitants in Mars will be engineers and scientists. Alexandria? Or New Alexandria? Geek City?

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