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Europe - its on!

Today I recieved the long awaited email. Test drives in Norway starts monday the 26'th of November.
The car that is in Norway, a black performance, will stay here until the 22'nd of December!

The only sad part, the test drive will only be 10 minutes long.. I guess I could make it in 8 :)
Either way, it's getting closer and closer.. Europe production starts in March 2013, hope to see my car in end April!!

The far = The car

I talked to a Tesla rep. and he told me that there will be a "get amped-tour" in europe similar to the states..

Believe me, ten minutes is all it takes to get you hooked.
Have fun with it!

There's a "things to check when you test drive" discussion. Can't remember if it is here or at TMC. Maybe one of the GetAmped threads? Make sure you read it before the test drive to ensure the best experience. It goes by WAY too fast. :-)

The Australian Get amped tour is apparently not too far away, and yet we have not seen any evidence of a right hand drive car....
An email from our local rep came out a while ago in this regard.

This is great news. Hope they will be in Austria/Switzerland soon too.

Was at the store wednesday and looked at the black performance, it looked AWESOME! So much more smooth than the earlier red they showed us. The red one was like 90% done too, but the little extra finish really got it from nice too amazing .-)


the 'red' one is Siganture red??

vouteb, The Red One presumably was the Signature Red beta build that toured Europe a couple months ago after being on display at the Geneva motor show.

...after having been on display...

SigNorway, that is fantastic news.
By the way, what is your reservation number?

Mine is R23 (EU, Norway), not a signature I'm afraid.

Yes I ment the signature red.

@Volker: both are correct ("after being" and "after having been"), and both are idiomatic. There is a subtle difference between them, but don't ask me to explain it.

TheFlyer, my reservation number are signature #280.
Volker, can you please direct me to the "things to check when you testdrive" nickjhowe is refering too :)

I think both are standard. There's hardly a whisker of difference in the meaning, though, as you say. Hard to come up with an instance where one would be better than the other.
"After having been married and divorced five times, he finally learned to avoid pretty women, and achieved lasting happiness with an ugly one."

Brian & VB,
"After having been on display" very slightly implies that the car is no longer on display, whereas "after being on display" is consistent with the car's continuing to be on display. In that sense, VB's corrected version is better. However, it would not be incorrect to say "after having been on display" when referring to a car that is still on display. I won't comment on Brian's marital difficulties.

Mine? I have had neither 5 nor ugly wives. Purely hypothetical.

I'm pretty sure my first version is incorrect in a way that usually only those notice who learned the language from grammar books (i.e., non-native speakers). The snippet you keep repeating doesn't bear enough information in itself, you must take the context into account:

The car toured Europe after having been on display in Geneva.

"toured" is simple past, and the keyword "after" indicates that the second part of the sentence happened before that. A tense is needed that goes further back in time than "toured", and "being" doesn't achieve that.

Volker, can you please direct me to the "things to check when you testdrive" nickjhowe is refering too :) (SignatureNorway)

I already checked with my thread memory but couldn't come up with any helpful response. I'm afraid you need to dig it out yourself, but when you found it, don't forget to post it here!

No, past tenses need not be "stacked", unless there is specific ambiguity to be resolved. "After" is sufficient to clarify the syntax.

Brian H, if you really want to go there, please cite an authoritative source.

Thanks VB

I think this might have been the one I was thinking of, but there might be a Get Amped thread too:

@VB, even the "after" might be considered superfluous:

"The car toured Europe, having been on display in Geneva."

DouglasR, Brian H, nickjhowe -- you are right and I was wrong. You are probably less surprised by this finding than I am. ;-)

Thank you for explaining your views in a patient and respectful way. I checked back with a friend of mine who is a native Brit and an English language teacher, and it turns out that I mixed up English grammar with German or French. Note to self: English is sometimes less difficult than you might assume!

Say what? Check your own foreign language texts. English grammar differs greatly from most others, in that position and "analytics" replace rigid declensions, case rules, and many other primitive features of less evolved languages. No gender applied to irrelevant inanimate objects and concepts, e.g. Deal.

Crossed posts, above.

Volker, a lot of English phrases are idiomatically correct, but cannot be diagrammed or parsed in a logical way.

"I miss not going to the gas station now that I drive a Model S."

DouglasR...If you want we can swope cars. Your model S for my gas guzzler.

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