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European deliveries to start in July

News from Geneva:

Following the twitter feed of "Grønn bil Norge" (Green car norway) @gronnbilnorge which are in Geneva listening to Musk:
Tesla: Contact will be Mode 3 Type 2, with strengthened pins to support Tesla's supercharger #geneva
Production start for Tesla's European model in June. First deliveries in July. All who have ordered until now gets a car this year. #geneva
"There will be significant supercharger deployment in Europe this year. More in Oslo tomorrow. " Tesla in #geneva

So everyone who ordered until now (roughly P3000 plus the 500 sig and 200 R) will get their car this year. Looks like a 4000 production goal for Europe. Good for me (being p2853)

@bredell: Wow, we'd better pick different colors then, I'm going for green :-)

@Norbert.Vienna: hehe. Nice one!

@seth: I hope so! I am P2792. Fingers crossed

@ HaraldH

Check the thread for the event.

But is short, a rock star came to Oslo. Enthusiasm high. Very positive for us Norwegians as we shall be priority no. 1 in Europe and production starts in June with July deliveries. 100 cars a week with increases as we move along. All reservations so far this year plus a month or two more will be delivered this year. Supercharges in southern Norway, meaning Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim + Stockholm. All free, for ever! Check the streaming in the other thread. Lots of good stuff. Very informal and open. Blankfein also very enthusiastic. I am happy I went.


P1930 in Östersund. Don't know how I'll manage to get down to Sthlm to supercharge... :-) Happy about the news of a service center in Trondheim though!
Seems to me that one will be in need of a Supercharger in between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim as well? Especially during winter driving. Let's see what happens.

The SuperChargers will be between the norwegian cities. The Oslo-Bergen one will probably end up at Geilo. The Oslo-Stockholm one somewhere along E18 in Sweden.

One exception might be Oslo itself, we need one there too to make travel through Oslo and towards Bergen, Trondheim or Stockholm possible.

All current orders delivered by October. Perhaps 1,000 more in each of Nov./Dec. that new buyers can get.

Maybe world-wide Iridium connectivity after 2016 after SpaceX has completed launching its new satellites.


So what about it, any news about cars being prepared for European delivery this month?
A week has passed already....

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