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European Delivery -When an How??

There are many of us in Europe who are envying the US Tesla customers who have been promised delivery this year, extending into the P3000+ reservation holders.

Yesterday I mailed my contact in the EU Tesla HQ in London enquiring about delivery and how they are going to ship them – on at a time in a container FedEx style or in batches on a ship – how large batch, to whole Europe or individual countries etc.

The answer I promptly received was that they are still working on those details. Planned start for Sig in EU is Q1 2013, they could not tell if this meant early or late Q1. Reservation holders would be offered test rides “around new-year”

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PAS, Norway
EU Sig 452

Another interessting piece of info would be how long after the signs will the non-sigs ship? Do we actually get our cars much before the rest or do we pay extra for nothing else than having one more colour to choose from?

I am guessing that when Europe gets its Sigs the production rate is high enough to get through the Europe sig backlog quickly?

Anyone knows if the Europe Sigs are all ordered now?

All the best

EU S#174

accordingly to the 500 europe spots are sold out.

I'd expect some people drop out when the price in Europe known as it happend in Canada, some on the waiting lists can still catch up.

The wait for more infos about europe details, especialy pricing and deliveries, is hard. But understandable as there are not a lot of infos on how the ramp up goes.

I feel for European customers! Six years ago I custom ordered my BMW and obsessed over its assembly progress, ocean voyage, landing in Long Beach CA, truck delivery to my dealer, then final prep, etc. etc.

Of course then the blessed day arrived when my car finally appeared and they gave me the keys.

I tell the story mainly to remind myself that my Model-S will some day appear, with or without me obsessing over it. Uhhh... gotta get back to the forums here and see if anybody has any delivery news ;-)

Nice review from the french TV (in french only)

emission du 2 septembre
Between 7 min and 12 min.

Was shoot during the july get Amped tour in CA. The manufacturing director is talking about production rate in december around 80 per day, but no target for delivery in Europe yet.

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