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EV charge station

I am going to South Center mall in Tukwila and would like to know any charge station near there? I can not find out online.


There is a charge station at the SeaTac city hall at S 188th and Military Road (North side of building).


Though they are not real close to the South Center mall, the address for the Sea-Tac City EVSE is at 4800 S 188th (2.27 miles) with 2 charging stations.

Also the local IBEW has four charging stations at their location at 19802 62nd Ave S (west side of building). The IBEW is south of the mall about 3.87 miles.

I'm surprised there's none at South Center mall, though admittedly, I never looked for one.

If Bellevue Square has what you need, you can consider going there. They have several public charging stations, and also Tesla has parking for customers that you can charge at, if the charger isn't in use.

Torklift Central in Kent has one L2 charger in their parking lot. I was told it's on 24/7. Also, this charger is not listed on Recargo or any other websites.

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