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The EV just might get some competition in the near future The prospects of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle are looking prosperous

Read this:

"Given the slow sales (so far) of mainstream electric cars, it’s not a surprise that automakers are taking a harder look at other alternatives to the ubiquitous gasoline-powered internal combustion engine. Ford on Monday announced a new strategic alliance with Nissan and Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler under which the automakers will jointly develop a fuel-cell system that could power affordable mass-market cars as soon as 2017.

Fuel cells are electric generators that rely on a fuel, typically compressed hydrogen, to produce electricity without toxic emissions. The idea here is that a fuel cell could replace the (heavy, expensive, awkward to package) batteries in an electric car. The result would be a car that one “refuels” much like a conventional car today – and which has a conventional car’s range — but which emits nothing but water, the only “exhaust” from the hydrogen fuel-cell process."

Has anyone got any comments/opinions/views, or information/expectation on the development of this technology?

By the way BMW and Toyota have recently announced a strategic alliance on this technology as well. Honda and Hyunday are working on this as well.

Should've said "commercial success"...

You might want to read a very interesting white paper titled "The 21st Century Electric Car." You can find it at:

One of the minuses I've seen mentioned for hydrogen fuel cells is that we can drive a battery EV 4 miles using the same amount of electric it takes to create 1 mile's worth of hydrogen. Doesn't seem like a good idea to build a multi-billion dollar infrastructure for hydrogen when it'll use 4 times as much electric.

Also, it can take much longer to fuel a hydrogen car than a gasoline car. In fact, a Supercharger can deliver more miles of fuel to a Model S than a hydrogen fuel delivery system can deliver to a hydrogen fuel cell car. Once again, the investment in a hydrogen infrastructure just doesn’t seem the way to go.

Exactly Darrell...infrastructure costs are insane for hydrogen...only to benefit big oil and gas even more.
95% of all the infrastructure for BEV's is already here because 95% of your charging will be done AT HOME while you sleep at supercheap rates.
Battery tech is improving and in 5-10 years will be at the same energy/weight ratio as gasoline...Tesla is going to be perfectly placed for the full transition to BEV when the time comes.
Tech is already good enough now...its just going to get even better very soon.


Similar to biofuels, that use more fossil fuels to grow/refine than they replace. Whackadoodle. Not to mention sucking much productive land away from growing food, to the fatal distress of many around the globe. A UN FAO Communications Officer once termed it a "Crime Against Humanity", the most serious offense under international law.

Al Gore's comment: "Oops."

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