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Ever hear of any damage to pano roof by flying road objects?

As we are finalizing our configuration before our confirm date, my "engineer's daughter and highly practical" significant other is skeptical about a glass roof and worried about damage from flying road objects. My ICE car windshield recently got smacked good by a flying rock and is beyond repair so will need to be replaced. Has anything like this ever been reported? Didn't see any from

You know you car get the car without the Pano Roof. Flying rocks usually hit the hood or the windshield.

Yea, we're just talking about whether to add the option or not. Extra head room would be good.

If it helps, I haven't yet noticed a single complaint online about debris causing damage to the pano roof. You can bet that if that were a common problem, we'd hear about it in the forums. I think you will be fine. :)

Personally I would file this one under "if it breaks I'll have it repaired".

I agree with you. I'm going to double file it under "asked and answered".

As a fellow Austinite, I do have to say that after a summer of patting myself on the back for not getting the pano, today I am regretting it with the beautiful weather!

I hardly ever opened the roofs in any of my previous cars but in the Model S, I open it every chance I get. The only option I didn't get was the P option and now I wish I had. I am still in love with the car after 15K miles. Taking an enthusiastic Sunday morning drive in the hills is super rewarding in this car. It is luxury that I have never felt before.

I had the moonroof of my old Acura MDX shattered by road debris. Hey, crap happens. I got the pano roof.

Therapeutic Sunday Drives. The new Tesla phenomenon.

Just don't put a small heavy metal object on trunk lid while working in garage and then open the trunk without removing object (duh). Does make small crack in pano roof which cost $600 to replace. But with 11,000 miles on MS nothing from road hazard, just intelligence hazard.

A wrench?

My MS is at the Van Nuys SC now getting the rear pano glass replaced. I thought it was a warranty issue but was told it was a rock hitting the front of the glass at just the right angle. Was told it was not a warranty issue and the cost is a cool $1000.00. Must have been a meteor. What are the probabilities. Was covered by USAA.


At first glance I thought that your damage was covered by NASA.


That's a good idea. I'll call them now! I'll blame Sandra Bullock.

@Brian. A wrench would do it, any metal tool would since there is a long drop from trunk lid to roof when fully opened. In my case it was a Marine Corps type knife with metal handle I was using to open box just received from Tesla Motors with new 115 volt plug, put knife down for minute on trunk lid after opening box to take plug out and then of course opened trunk to store plug. It was a few months ago and they did replace rear panel for $600, must be inflation for Rheumboy. Or maybe they felt sorry for me. It turned out to be an expensive plug.

Ever hear of people getting hit on the head by flying objects when driving a convertible? ;-)

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