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Excessive costs down the road

Just red here in this forum that rear tires wear off after 5K miles and replacement is $1,500.
I'm driving BMW 7 series now and my Michelin tires last 25K miles and cost $800 for a pair.
Are there ant other excessive expenses associated with keeping Tesla MS going?

Modern BMW 7 series uses run flat tires that neither last 25K miles nor cost $800 for a set.

I have 3k on my 21" Michelins, no wear to be seen, still look new. There have been only a couple of people complaining of excessive wear. Either they need an alignment or they should stop doing burn outs at every light!

Excessive rear tire wear seems to be a rare problem for only a few Tesla owners, likely related to alignment problems. I have 4500 miles on my P85 with 21" tires, and have plenty of tread left. Certainly no asymmetric inner tire wear that has been reported by the folks with the excessive wear problem.
I do not see any excessive costs down the road, except for the unknown cost of battery replacement. I expect that will not happen for at least 10 years, and will likely involve an upgrade to a higher range battery.
The repair that concerns me the most would be if the air suspension had problems. I have not heard of any suspension problems, and do not know what replacement parts cost, but I expect it would be much more than a set of Monroe shocks.

A BMW owner talking about excessive ownership costs? I am overwhelmed! I don't know where to start! The psychotherapy required after trying to control the car with I-drive already makes new tires seem like a bargain!

I can see the marketing meeting now.

Reinhold: ok, we need ways to attack the model S. it's kicking our a$$ in California!
Klaus: Let's get them on reliability! How many months before their engine seizes like ours does?
Reinhold: they don't have an engine, Idiot! It's electric!
Klaus: how about the transmission. With one as complicated as ours, it's bound to break
Reinhold: they don't have a transmission! The car goes faster than ours without having to shift
Klaus: what do you mean? You said it's electric. That means it's slow, right?
Reinhold: (rubbing his temples): The thing has 400 ft. Lbs of torque, and it can light up the tires all the way down the street...
Klaus: Ok, then, we have our plan. I'll get on their forum and say the tires don't last very long
Reinhold: (sigh)

@EcLectric: LOL, great!

Like a lot :-)

"Engine" and "transmission" should last 500K miles with no oil/fluid changes. The brakes should last 100K+ miles. Everything else should be more or less in line with ICE cars. There are a lot of computers and electronics but that's pretty commone in other modern cars too. Air suspension docdac mentioned is an option item and used in some other high end cars too.

I have a 2011 BMW 5 series (while I wait for a couple of the Model S options already available in Europe), I've put 30k on my run flats without a problem (except for the fact that they handle like crap)

My colleague has a model s performance with the 21's, and driven 9k without any unusual wear. I can't stand that smug, satisfied grin he had every time I saw him get out of his car every morning... So I decided to get my own! Tesla envy is an ugly thing.

Not sure if the screen will make it 8+ years... wonder if a replacement will then have UHD/4K resolution, maybe with a coating that avoids finger prints.

The excessive cost of correcting misinformation.

@EcLectric. it!

@NoMoDinos....Oh that Tesla Grin!......It's a permanent feature with the car. Welcome to the club. :-)))

You own a 7 series? I've got bad news for you on this front...

Not to join justineet on the "hunting party" but so far the two threads I've seen RIsquare start sure have seemed like someone trying to point out nonexistant negative generalizations abou the Model S.


Lack of proofreading once again! That's ahould be "about". ;-)

Oh, I give up!


Expect GasHeads to manufacture imaginary maintenance costs and range issues...various Bordering attempts........If you can't beat them fairly....cheat.....misinform.....etc.....

Brodering attempts

I hear that BMW fart this really noxious gas. I've heard that if you were to pull one of them into your garage and leave it running all night, that it would kill everyone in the house.

I'm just saying...

Every time someone posts about tons of wear on the rear tires, a dozen or so post that they are not having any issues.

I think the problem is real and I think it is rare. I also think Tesla will get a handle on it.

and if you want to talk excessive, Seven Series depreciation fits the bill perfectly (first hand experience talking).

A possible extra cost could incur when the attractive lady (or guy) coworker asks for a ride home saying she/he always wanted to sit in one of these things. That could turn to be costly if you're married and even more if you're not.

I was in a German repair shop the other day. I overheard a service writer tell a customer , "if you only change out the water pump, it will be $850". All I can say is holy s***.

The excessive wear issue reported by few here seems suspect. But if it is truly a mistake on tesla's part. I would think they would replace under warranty because it is their mistake. That is how Elon wants to run his company. He doesn't believe in charging people for their mistake. That is why I bought one without even test driving it. All these positive reviews can't be wrong!!!

Should bet mine in 3 weeks. Can't wait!!

+1 lolachampcar

Were your ears burning justineet? Haha! Nice timing! ;-)

Um, yeah, that could get complicated and expensive carlk!

How can anyone believe that the electric car has more maintenance than the ICE equivalents?!?! Truly, the misinformation campaign is in full force!!!

The motor in the model s can go 2 million miles before breaking down!!! This is the truth!

There is no complicated transmission to take care of. There isn't a engine that needs oil changes ever 3000 miles that consist of hundreds of parts!

Some people point to the battery being expensive to replace!!! What the hell! It is 12k option up front to replace after 8 years!!! You save over 16k over 8 years in gas!!!

People need to understand this is the best car out there period!

Fight the misinformation campaigns!!!

I did have an observation from crawling under mine working on it. Everything appears to be a bit bigger or thicker than it really needs to be even given that it is a 4700lb ish car. I have a suspicion that the engineering team knew they had one bite at the apple and could ill afford any issues. As a result, they probably added an extra margin of safety to make absolutely sure there were no issues.

The nearest thing I can equate it to is the E Class from a few generations back that was used all over Europe for taxis. Those cars went on forever and they had that MS tank like underpinnings.

Honestly its absolutely too early to tell. The car has to be on the road for a few years to know what components of it are prone to failing.

The excessive tire wear is something I hope owners pay attention to, and watch out for. Just because it's indicative of something wrong with their car. They can't just keep replacing tires and wasting huge amounts of money/energy.

In getting the car you have to accept some kind of risk associated with something so new, and from a car that is the first entirely new car a company has developed. At the same time an electric car is simpler from a mechanical point of view so there isn't crap like a timing belt going out. There is no guy at the oil change place showing you the air filter and trying to con you out of money.

The biggest excessive cost down the road is envy. Of envying the latest model and it's 120KW 60KW battery. A battery might cost you $12K or whatever, but Envy will cost a lot more. You'll probably have some option of swapping out to the new one, but the new Model S will have some new feature that will suck you in. Look at what Tesla has already done to current owners trying to upgrade their current Tesla P85 to the plus version. I do apologize for laughing so much, but If find it really funny with a car they just bought. How long did they even get to enjoy their current Tesla before they were tortured with something newer?

The Tesla is the fast road to the future. It might implode from its own success (too much expansion too early followed by an economic slow down) or it might explode in popularity (which it appears to be doing so).

^60KW = 160KW.

I hate that i can't edit comments.

This is the point where someone says:

I hurd u hav 2 buy tyres for $4.5k dollars every 2k miles. This are an outrageous that the Tesla does are not protact the consumer of such a great vehicles after spending more than so many dollars for a substanding vehicle and then except it as this.

On a serious note, the annual service is up to $600/year. Other than that, that, electricity. Buy the 21s and drive aggressively and the tires come into play. Otherwise, business as usual.

The anti-Tesla campaign sounds so much like the anti-Apple campaign.

By the way, you DID know that Evon Musk had a good long one-on-one with Steve Jobs before he died, didn't you?

I have a BMW and jut bought a Tesla. Obviously no one knows for sure but I expect The Tesla will have far lower costs down the road than my BMW has had. #1 being depreciation - that 3 year depreciation guarantee means that you are basically guaranteed to have the least expensive car in its class for 3 years of operating, in that depreciation is the single biggest cost. The fact that they don't have model years helps a ton there as well. No real difference between a 2012/2013/2014 Model S.

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