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Excessive costs down the road

Just red here in this forum that rear tires wear off after 5K miles and replacement is $1,500.
I'm driving BMW 7 series now and my Michelin tires last 25K miles and cost $800 for a pair.
Are there ant other excessive expenses associated with keeping Tesla MS going?

Thanks @lolachampcar. it's nice to hear an expert opinion.

I am getting tired of biased and unscientific claims from @RIsquare. There should be a "credibility" rating for people posting here. :-)

Rlsquare 's credibility rating so far is minus the square root of 712,

Replacement costs are not $1,500 per pair for the 21's. The OP corrected himself in a later post clarifying that it was $750 per pair at Tesla. The OEM Conti Extreme DWs are avilable at at Tire Rack for $288 each. I sourced a set at $200 each. Planning to throw one in the frunk for longer road trips just in case. It fits perfectly if unmounted FWIIW.

If you are concerned about tire wearing, you should consider 19" wheels. The low profile 21" is more expenasive, last less (soft material) and is known to exacerbate any issues you may have with alignment (regardless whether on Tesla or other cars). There are some good discussions on pros and cons of 19" vs 21" in the following thread:

In term of running cost, my eletricity bill with my Tesla is about $50 per month compared with $240 per month with gas (with a Volvo that I was driving). That's $2000+ savings a year compared with gas.

My employer actually provides free charging stations at work but I have to be there really early to get one :-)

I have the 19" on my MS and have been using all season tires for the past 15 years since I moved to NC. The Goodyear tires on my MS are not very good and I saw some wear already on all four of the outside edges of the tires. I only have 3400 miles on so I'm a little disappointed. Should I purchase any replacement tires, I will buy the Michelin Primacy all seasons from Discount Tire which they have road hazard insurance with life time warranty and rotations. My understanding is Tesla Service Centers only sell and support the Goodyear for 19".


Did I read your post correctly? Your Model S will be here in 3 weeks and you've never driven one? At a store or a get amped event or even a friends S? Have you been a passenger? That is impressive and shows great faith. You show great passion for Tesla!
I would love to see your first driving experience. Any chance you could get someone to video it for us?

Welcome to the grinning club.

Jackie :-)

I'm another person who never drove the car before they delivered it to me. I've had it for 3 months now with just a couple of very minor issues (resetting the tire pressure monitors and slight water leakage into the rear light assembly) that were fixed quickly. I have the 21" tires and have not seen the wear that others have mentioned (but only 1600 miles so far). I still have the Tesla grin every time I get behind the wheel.

I'm pretty sure Eddiemoy just bought two tickets to pradise.

@Tesla4JP yeah, hoping to get it for good in a couple months!! Until then I'll work on the secret handshake (*T*)

Correction: It was only $750.00 for a pair of new tires 21 Conti's. Still very concerned with the excessive wear but don't let that hinder you from enjoying the finest car in the world. This problem is happening on a few of our P85. Many folks are enjoying much longer lasting life then this.

Also, even though the Tesla Service center in Fremont won't admit it, They totally improved my car when they did the tire change. The ride, feel, and handling was total improved. The thing rides like a Rolls right now. I also noticed subtle hints my computer was updated. I think they really went through my car like a crime lab. Hopefully I get more then 6,000 miles on these new tires.

check out tire they have the 21 inch tires for around 750.

I have 10K already and my rear tires look fine also.

Most people report no issues with wear and there does not appear to be a concrete correlation between driving style and wear (as Tesla Engineering has said there should be).

Just had our tires rotated and the tread is fine. Almost 8K miles...

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