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Extended Warranty

What's up with the extended warranty for Washington State? Do we have an option? I've purchased service and tires, but no warranty. Anyone know?

I sent that question to Tesla. They said they want to offer the warranty and that they are working on it. Reading between the lines I think that means that Washington State has consumer "protection" laws that would require that Tesla modify their extended warranty to conform to what our legislators believe is in the best interests of it's citizens.

IMO, most people in this state are capable of deciding that issue for them selves. Those that aren't probably are not in that market anyway.

BTW, this problem is similar to the one where the car dealers are protecting us from the unscrupulous automobile manufacturers in 48 of the 50 states. IMO, sending petitions to the white house will accomplish nothing. The only relief from this oppression will occur when a majority of the electorate realizes that legislators who are unduly influenced by lobbyists don't deserve their vote.

Tesla has submitted their request to the WA Insurance Commissioner's Office and is waiting approval.

Once approved, I hope TM will honor the original $2500 price as promised.

Unlike the dealer group situation in other states, the WA Insurance Commission generally does a very good job protecting WA consumers from fraud and helping them with disputes. The review and approval process takes time but is not something to get angry about.

I emailed ownership just before the old price expired and express my desire to purchase when it is available.... at the original price! We'll see how they treat us, especially those that asked for the old price while it was available for other states.

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