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Extra power at the "Frunk"

I have long watched tesla and proud of you reviving the EV1 concept and taking it to new heights. Battery is still the limiting factor for Tesla. Have you considered a small range extender, possibly that also capitalizes on renewable sources and technologies as an add on? Here is my thought: Tesla is complete by itself. In the "frunk" is a small space where you can possibly place an add on. If there is a smaller version of (which is another california start-up technology) "bloom box" which can actually kick-in when batteries are running low.

Kindly merge this thread to the "range extender for model s". In order to clean up the blog.

There is no administrator to do "merging". And this is a primitive forum, not a blog. Good luck with cleaning it up!

Use to sear for frunk battery. The idea was discussed at great length before the swapping reveal. TM disclosed the cooling systems etc. could not accommodate a frunk addon, though it was intended originally one would occupy the boxlike space at the back.

typo: to search for

If you want a hybrid, don't buy a Tesla. Go putter around in a volt.

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