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EZ-PASS issue?

Is it possible that the electronics on the Tesla are jamming my EZ-PASS signal (toll thingy in NY)? I tried to use it twice and both times it was not recognized. I used the same ezpass in another car with no problem.


@Mike Not sure about the EZPass getting jammed due to the Tesla, but I am in NY (awaiting delivery of my M S85). You can get a Green Pass for EV's and can save 10% on all your tolls. In case that helps.

I have not had a successful EZpass read since I pick up my MS five days ago at any of the tunnel or bridge crossing in NYC.

I wonder if the EZPass read issue is local to NY metro area or if it is pervasive throughout the whole EZP network...

There has been plenty of discussion about this - not having a search function doesn't help find anything easily, although you can go to for an unofficial search.

The answer is to mount the ezpass on the mounting plate for the rear view mirror, towards the left hand side.
Works fine.

In addition to the 10% off thruway tolls, you are also eligible for 50% off non-peak hour port authority bridge and tunnel tolls.

Great info--thanks, guys.

Mbergman--so the ezpass will face the opposite direction?


Same proble here going though tolls. Officer told me to hold the EZ pass outside the window and just before entering the toll. I think it's our windows or issues with the vehicle system.

No, the mounting plate for the rear view mirror is affixed to the windshield. Instead of sticking the ezpass on the window, stick it on the plate, which will then be sandwiched between the windshield and ezpass.

The ezpass does not go on the rear of the mirror, if that was your thought.

Note to Tesla/White Plains:

Since I couldn't get the toll light to change to green, I drove through with your loaner on Tuesday night without paying--there were no attendants! License: GGR-18xx


hey guys i figured it out finally. i mounted it on the black area near the plate that hold the rear view and now it works fine. i hope this helps

can someone maybe post a picture of the proper ezpass placement?

It can also go inside the nose cone, shielded by the plastic.

I have problems with mine in Mass, I dont like mounting on windshield, have found you need to put it just under the mirror to work. Tesla Service said they would mount it behind the nose, just need to get new one as i dont think your suppose to mount the interior ones.

I live in Florida. We have Sunpass. Tesla told me to mount the box under the the front hood of the car as the windshield will block the signal. I brought the car to the Tesla dealer and they did it for me. Works fine.

As shown in other posts regarding toll tags / EZ passes etc, I mounted mine to the frame behind the nose cone. I actually just used Sugru and "glued" it to the frame (above the rail), works like a charm and I love not having that unsightly thing in my front windshield.

Here in DC area the EZPass works fine with the transponder located just below the stem of the rear view mirror.

It seems that the window filters for IR and UV have enough metal that signals are reduced. I have trouble getting my garage opener to work through the glass (there is a problem with my Homelink). On a recent cross-country trip, the trick that worked best for the EZ Pass was opening the sunroof.

Jack Bowers

Ours didn't seem to work (maybe we didn't position it quite right, but we were trying to put it on the area of dots) on our trip from DC to Boston, so after 2-3 tries, like JackB, we wound up just holding it out the pano roof. :-) That worked fine.

P.S. @mike, it's the windshield coating, not electronics in the car jamming things.

I had the same problem with EZ pass transponder not being read through the Chromatic windshield.
They just sent me the one that bolts to front license plate. No charge, looks better, no white box glued to my windshield... All good!

From what I read, it seemed like mounting it on the rearview mirror mount should work, but it was so ugly! So I swapped it for a license-plate transponder. I took that and some heavy-duty Velcro to my Tesla SC and they popped the nosecone, affixed the transponder to the frame, and put the nosecone back on. And they charged me zip, zero, nada. I hope the placement works, but, yay Tesla service!

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