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A Fair Price

So Tesla has just announced on their blog how much the Model S will cost in China. As usual for Tesla, it is the same as everywhere else plus local duties, taxes, shipping. Should be interesting to see how people react.

I like it. An honest approach.

With China enjoying 'most favored nation' trading status with the USA, and paying next-to-nothing to hawk its goods here, it ought to be getting a lot of pressure to return the favor instead of charging such high taxes on goods from the USA.

Well played Tesla. Very well played.

This is a good decision in the light of: "Accelerate the Advent of Sustainable Transport".

"We're not even factoring in the cost of the free-to-use Supercharger network that Tesla will build across China." So, really China is getting the car for at least $2K less than what we are paying. Correct me if I am wrong.

They will probably charge extra for that then..

Is Tesla doing a SC network in China????? That would seem to be something the Gov should be doing.

I bet they will still charge the $2000 but say it is for the equipment rather than the use of the network.

At this favorable price they will blow away the luxury competition, only issue now is production. This should
Cause a riot, maybe even a food riot.

"the price of the Model S with the premium 85 kWh battery pack is 734k CNY."

Supercharger capability comes standard with the 85 kWh battery pack, right?

So, why would they charge extra for the use of the Supercharger network in China?

Super charging hardware is standard in all MS trims. The cost for the hardware is built into S85/P/P+ pricing but it's a $2K option for the S60.

TM will not need to charge the extra $2K for super charging. I'm assuming these wealthy owners in China will opt for the higher batter/performance models.

Does that mean that the Tesla Model S with a 60 kWh battery pack is not being offered in China? That would be interesting.

I don't just assume that the entire model is completely identical in China. It may be that Tesla fears long permission times, etc. I don't know anything about SC plans in China existing... China is huge, fragmented,... so they
probably will cover major cities but may charge extra for that.


gov won't cover someone's private standard. If gov covers something, it is some standard, like Chademo or Mennekes, agreed by multiple players. They
will probably commit to normal quick chargers, with an universal plug.

Does that mean there will not be significant import taxes?

wow! tesla going to kill the competition!!! undercut everyone else by 50%.

wow! wow! wow!

Earlier estimates for the MS to be about $200K in China. Now it is official that it will be 40% lower than the earliest figure.

Imagine what the demands for an exotic EV would be in comparison to other vehicles in the class.

If MS can out sell Audi/MB/BMW in the US with similar pricing, imagine how much more MS would be sold at a 40% - 50% cost advantage in China!

Doesn't the Chinese government charge a 100% markup on luxury goods? I hope Tesla doesn't put its foot in its mouth, or end up selling the Model S in China at a loss.

@Galve2000 - Apparently the Chinese gov't will charge extra by the engine displacement. Since MS doesn't have an ICE engine, it was only hit with a 25% tariff of the base price.

+1 @Benz

I didn't find 60kWh option in Chinese design studio...


SuperCharging is build into the price of 85kWh and since Chinese won't be able to opt for 60kWh, they will have ALL cars capable of SuperCharging :-)

With the rumours of China putting some serious tax incentives on EVs in the near future, this could be Norway Part II !

Very good price to sell $121,000 for S85 in China, Wall Street Journal reports that the base price of $81K + $40K (incl. $3,600 for shipping and handling, $19,000 for customs duties and taxes and $17,700 for value-added tax to its comparable U.S. price). This compares to BMW X5 xDrive for example, $56K sticker in US vs $153K in China along with Mercedes and other premium brands who charges 2-3X in China. Good job, Tesla.

I think it's safe to say we can increase our future sales projections for the model S/X.


That's right. I should have waited a few more days before posting them. I will have to reconsider them.

+1 JZ13. TM will be supply constrained into the foreseeable future.

We're gonna need more giga-factories!!

Tesla just keep looking better & better...very nice

This is great news. Maybe too good. Affluent Chinese might find it too cheap now but higher middle class might pick it right up!

Anyone know what a comparably priced car in China would be (after taxes and tariffs?) Is it like a 5-series? A 3-series?

7 Series or S Class would be more appropriate comparison.

A 7 series or S Class in China costs significantly more than this newly announced price for the Model S.

I'm looking for prices of cars in China that are similar to the price of the Model S in China.

734k Chinese Yen is a little more than a 535i - - although I don't know if that price is before or after taxes/tariffs.

A little more than an E300 as well:

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