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Fair Price for 14-50 Outlet Install?

Lots of folks here seem to have some experience getting the 14-50 outlets installed in their garages, so I wanted to get some opinions on this. Is $621 (plus permit) a fair price to run a 25 foot conduit from the subpanel and install the 14-50 outlet? Is it close enough to fair given that our electric utility rebates half the cost upon delivery of the Model S (incidentally, the guys at Ausitn Energy test drove the Model S at the Get Amped event here and LOVED it)? Thanks!

We used Dollens Electric 408-929-6100. My husband thought he was fair and he has done installation for other Tesla owners.

I did this myself. 30+ feet of 3/4 EMT from an existing sub-panel in the garage to the outlet location wired with #6 AWG. The supplies were under $100 (mostly wire at 0.61/ft for #6) and it took about 3 hours - mostly bending and installing conduit and repairing dry-wall where I ran the conduit inside a wall to the sub panel.

Mine was $280 with a local electrician (SolarCity quoted $450). I didn't need a new panel, and it was about a 3' run to the socket., would you mind sharing the name of who you used for your electrical outlet and wiring?

I was quoted $875 for a 14-50 next to my panel by Mr. Electric, the electricians recommended by Solar City. I've called 2 electricians and they seem to think around $200ish. They're coming by tomorrow. If it's more, I'll post further explanation. But I'd like to find out what kind of relationship the guy at Tesla who decided that Mr. Electric should be their recommendation has with them. I'm guessing they're professional and know their business, but they seem to have a huge profit margin. Sometimes, that means behind-the-scenes overheads require the additional profit margin. Other times, it's a personal relationship. Rarely is it just plain superior quality (not at 4x the price).

Solar City wanted $650. The company installing my solar panels did it for $150 with the job.

My electrician in AZ did it for $450. He ran conduit outside the perimeter of the house, probably 100feet. That's about half what Solar City quoted. I had thought it would be cheaper, but copper is $$$ and it was a longer run than I had figured. Don't care, want car.

$890 to add 50 amp breaker and run wire approx 70' to detached garage (underground for 20 feet of that in conduit thru a 18" deep trench that I dug) .

Mine is SoCal from SolarCity with about same run as yours. Charged about $750. I think they are 20-40% over market rate and are taking advantage of tie-in with Tesla. Of course, if you get solar from them at same time maybe they'd throw it in :-)

It took a friend of mine who is a commercial electrician 2 hours to do the entire installation. Interior wall breaker box, 70 feet of wire and a hardened outdoor box. The material cost was $170.

If he were doing it for a profit he would charge $100/hr for $370.

I just got mine done by local electrician, Prowire Electric, for $100. It's another $75 to have it inspected. Versus the $875 Mr. Electric quoted after seeing the 45 minutes worth of work.

I think Tesla is doing themselves a disservice by recommending Mr. Electric. Or at least they should provide a standard information sheet that you can give to your electrician and give the Mr. Electrican recommendation with the caveat that you may want to get a few quotes first.

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