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Favorite Pictures "My S"

I would like to start a thread with each of our favorite pictures of our own Model S.
Only one problem. I still cannot figure out how to display a picture. Can anyone
help me with this?
Please, by all means, start ahead of me with your own shots of your S.

Here you can find the info how to post pictures and it is a play ground to test...

My first time supercharging ( original Gilroy March 2013 )


If you tweet, tweet the picture then control/option click on the picture and click copy image address. If you're on flickr do the same, I think it works too.

All in one line without quotes.

Don't add the height to the img tag and only set the width to 600 if the width of your picture is > 600.

So if the image is greater than 600 pixels:

<img src="[url to image]" width="600" />

If it less than 600 pixels:

<img src="[url to image]" />

Example using Kleist's image:

<img src="" />

Ha! fail I ruined the thread, I forgot the width on the real example. Another reason why this thread needs edit. Please use this thread: and feel free to delete this one.

@Joe H.

Why would you not set the height?
No being confrontational, just interested in learning.


Because you will stretch the image. It will take a great image like this:

And turn it into:

I'm guessing to avoid the risk of distorting the photo if you get the aspect ratio wrong. If you only specify the width, you eliminate that risk.

Or this, you mean?

I did mean that, I misread and thought T.M was asking about the width. So as chrisdl pointed out, don't sit on your keyfob and don't set img heights because the browser is smarter than you.

Hope this works;

Not just any Fisker and not just any old place..

 photo image.jpg


Holy crap - is this a car from the future?

...just add width="600" and it will fit.

No Kleist. That is my picture. It is a form of macro photography. This is what I intended so I got a great effect!

Great picture!

I think I have to polish my photographic skills

Thank you Kindly Kleist

OK People! Lets see your best shots!

 photo IMG_5472.jpg

Nice tree.

disabled parking?

Sexy time.

The car isn't parked in disabled parking, it's posing. :-)

Judi, thanks for the pictures, because that's the color I ordered, but have only seen it in person under parking garage lighting. Damn that looks good. 4 more weeks!!!!!

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
My blue MS will arrive in 12 days. I'm super excited!

Judi, Did you get your car clear coated? It looks so great in your first picture.

tlemcke - Nice pictures, especially with Red Rocks in the background. I miss Colorado!

@8508BlueS No clear coat, just clean! C'mon People, I want to see YOUR S!

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