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Federal Government want cars to be able to talk to each other.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has been working with automakers on the technology for the past decade, estimates vehicle-to-vehicle communications could prevent up to 80 percent of accidents that don't involve drunken drivers or mechanical failure.


But you really don't want them talking because it is the same
governments which get their drones hacked, own hardware hijacked,
etc.. You want cars dumb in terms of giving control of any kind
to outside input.

Wait till someone uploads bad firmware with sticky full
gas pedal on and executes at same time.

The global economic and tech/energy systems are all becoming
really friendly in terms of abuse in ways which can collapse
them all and it is strange to see the otherwise paranoid govs
be so naive about topics like this.

Crashing a few highways worth of cars with hacking..
Just not a good idea.

Yeah like hand/finger gestures are not enough to "communicate".

Just saw this on ABC news. Supposedly a requirement by 2016-for a fee, course.
No specifications offered...

Lets see how that pans out.

Still Grinning ;-)

@carlk - I've got a standard NYC finger gesture for you. Care to decipher?


If so, I will immediately build a device that sends out the "This car is braking" signal behind me, so that I can deter tailgaters. Their car will slam on its brakes while I keep driving !

I'd rather my Tesla only talk to other Teslas. I don't think I'd appreciate my Model S chatting with a Camry. Nothing good can come from that.


I think that can be very useful. We should even be able to mesh the system so it can pass information from car to car (i.e. so you can see 10 cars ahead). Together with autopilot (self-driving) technology, it should be able to alleviate traffic problems induced by driving behavior like the traffic shock-wave phenomena:

This is all well and good in a controlled environment. The roads are not that. Unless all cars, I mean all cars and trucks and motorcycles presently on the road are converted to being "connected", this will not work. We have something computers can not be programmed to have and that is intuition. We have all been there where just based on the way a car in the other lane is behaving or you can see the driver looking in his rearview mirror, you can anticipate him changing lanes. A camera/computer isn't going to pickup on that and your car won't react until he moves into your path. When I see a driver doing what I described, I ease off the gas in anticipation of this.

the messaging equivalent would be, "I want to merge." "OK, here's a gap for you."

I can hardly wait for the hacks that can be done on this system....

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