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Feeling sorry for your old car

I know they're just machines but am I the only one that feels guilty about all the attention I give the Tesla (we call her Sam). My wife's car a 2004 Honda PILOT, once a nice car to drive, seems backwards. I owe a debt of gratitude to my 1992 Isuzu pick-up which has carried me for the last 2 1/2 years since my BMW Z3 passed away and while I've waited for Sam.

Both cars have been trusted friends and have served valiantly for many years. I feel bad that I don't pay attention to them, but what can I do?

Is this normal?

Very normal.
I looked at my loyal old friend today and I felt a bit guilty.
It is sitting on a trickle charger and looking so lonely.
It is a fine vehicle but I have moved on.

I only feel sorry for my sister-in-law who now drives my old Jetta. It's still a good car, but it's not a Model S.

@DanD & Captain_Zap you guys took the words out of my mouth. The faithful Camry and Loyal 911 C2S on the trickle charger have been making me feel bad for the last 3 months. I have to force myself to drive them so that they keep running, I feel pangs of guilt every time I walk by them. Ooh I am a bad man.

Worse yet, our garage is still under renovation and while we'll eventually have room for 3 cars, the job isn't finished so only the PILOT and the Model S can come inside. The truck (which doesn't mind if I smoke my cigars) has to sit outside in the rain and snow.

I had no problem parting with my Lexus. Selling my BMW r1200gs is a little harder but I can't let the machine suffer by my neglect.

I sold my MB SL 500 two weeks after I got my MS and never looked back ... No sad feeling

My 530, which was a great car only 11 days ago, is now relegated for airport runs.

Bumper sticker you are not likely to see: 'My other car is a Tesla' - If you own a Tesla you are not likely to drive the ICE car much, unless it is a classic.

Bumper sticker you might see on a Model S: 'My other car is a Roadster'

My plan was to keep my 2002 Volvo S60 T5 for 6-9 months while I get comfortable with the range, see how many longer trips I'm really doing, and how comfortable I am throwing my bike in the back or hauling things from Home Depot...and to let Tesla works out car version 0 bugs. It's only been a month since I got the MS but I'm ready to sell the trusty Volvo.

I drive my old car around the perimeter highway once a week in order to keep it 'greased.' It is starting to be an unwelcome chore.

Need a new thread: "Orphan ICEs".

Placed a for sale sticker on the old clunker and parked it along the road. Yesterday evening a poor soul came by with $10000 and a prayer. The old clunker served me well but tonight I drink in her memory as I make it rain. One down and one more ice to go.

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