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First Model S in Mississippi.

A Model S was registered in Jackson, Mississippi thus complete the Tesla sale in all 50 states according to a Mercury News story.

You have the link

How do they keep track of these things?

Cool map. It also gives a hint of the busiest possible trips for Tesla owners.

There are states gravitating to California and expansion there would make much sense.

On a bigger scheme of things connecting the green states between each other may make much sense.

To that end Texas - Illinois - Florida triangle seems to be the most promising one.

I suspect that the reason Model S's have not shown up in Mississippi is the fact that Mississippi has the highest percentage of consumers with sub-prime credit scores (69.1%)

Think about that one for a while.

I think there's also a positive correlation with IQ and Tesla ownership.

Or perhaps one of the two people in that state who do not get all the info of EV from Fox News bought the MS.

As someone who lives 20 minutes from the northern Mississippi border, I can say that it is a tough state to own an EV.

Its quite rural and spread out with no charging infrastructure at all. The state is predominantly poor and has less than 3 million residents.

Unfortunately, it is an important thoroughfare to get from Texas to Nashville, New Orleans, Florida, etc. Therefore, its going to need some supercharger love.

Looks like MS-the-state will be getting some Supercharger love along the Gulf this year.

Meanwhile, will the Tesla accessory store commemorate 50-state ownership by offering gun racks, spit cups and white-sheet seat covers?

To jai9001: I live in Germantown and just ordered a Model S. Is it possible for me to meet you somewhere to actually see the car? Thanks. hrbmd22 at

@ carlk
@ Pettifogger

Were the rude and unwelcomed comments necessary?

For some, shuffling their decks of stereotypes substitutes for thought.

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