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First Model S Sighting in Kona, Hawaii

My family and I are fortunate to have a second home on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although I've seen a few Leafs around town, and the County bought 5 Volts for civic use, I've never seen a Model S here on the island...until yesterday:

How cool is this??? More and more people are putting solar on their roofs, and EV's are becoming more prevalent. There is a saying here in the islands, "Malama 'Aina" - Protect the land. We are making more and more progress everyday.



Haha, I don't own an S :(

But man that must be creepy getting filmed, having pictures taken, etc by complete strangers.

If I did own one, I would be like, ok, it's probably for the car. Deep down inside though, the paranoia might start to set in.

Lenn, this is not meant to be offensive to you. I myself might have snuck a photo or short video in here and there.

And this one time, I made a right when I should have gone left to go home just to follow it for a couple blocks. lol.

Man, I'm a creep!

Just a typical future owner-type creep. ;p

I think creep IS an option for the car.

I just returned from 10 days in Honolulu where we spotted 5 Teslas. Not bad considering there's no service center out there yet.

Actually, there is a service center in Waipahu.


My Model S is on the mainland, and when I took delivery in January, I had my picture taken several times while driving, had an open window conversation with a guy driving a black C63 Mercedes while in traffic, and have had several people "chase" me to get a better look. All good stuff. I never got freaked out or paranoid. I was, and still am, proud to be part of the electric revolution, and eager to extoll the virtues of our Teslas.

Whenever I get a "thumbs up" from another driver on the road, I proudly return the favor with a big Hawaiian "shaka"!


I see the Paparazzi every single day. Mostly driving behind me and taking a pic or video whie they drive, just lie Lenn!

yes, it is part of being an early adopter with future technology. It has happened to me. And I still have the urge to chase down another Model S just to say hi and give the thumb up.

I saw a Black or dark Grey Mode S coming in the the farmer's market in Waimea the other x saturated morning. Appreciating smile from the driver while driving out with my blue 4 doors Tacoma. With the white one in Kona and a tan one by Hullalai turn off, those are the only one I noticed so far. Yes a red Roadster by Kawaii. Cannot wait to get one....who knows when ??

I hate the auto spelling correcter....

The other Saturday...m

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