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Fisker down the tubes

I put $1000 down on a Fisker and test drove it (awful) and got my money back while my 5K deposit, then raised to 40, netted me Sig #378. I got this bizarre email today addressed to me as a "Fisker owner."

Dear Karma owner,
You may feel abandoned by Fisker Automotive but we are here to help you with the continued operation of your Karma.
Warranty and Technical Support no longer exist as previously supplied by Fisker Automotive.
Any anxiety of the future health and enjoyment of the Karma will be alleviated as a member of the Hybrid Support Solutions (HSS) Team.

Hybrid Support Solutions is offering technical support, vehicle improvements, and parts sourcing. We are the complete service solution for your Karma. Our organization was founded by the passion that all of us have for the Fisker Karma.
We are the original support and technical service team from the manufacturer. We have put many long hours and effort supporting this exceptional vehicle, and we endeavour to continue with this piece of automotive and design history.
Along with other Karma owners’ support and enrollment, the strength of the organization will be able to ramp up new parts supply and engineer new field fixes. HSS will also work on new features and future improvements to allow for the untapped power and handling prowess to be enjoyed.

I'm glad i have the Tesla grin, and have for half a year now!

I suspect Tesla dearly hoped he would countersue. Truth as a defense with full discovery of the plaintiff's documents would have given them a different result. Which is undoubtedly why Fisker didn't.

I think that Fisker failing is no good for the EV segment. EM has recognised this by dealing with the government loan as that is something that will be haunting him, even more now that Fisker is gone. I hate see competition go down like this as the space is too small. Like the Karma design or not, but it for certain is a car design with lots of character. TM will now be alone in this space for quite some time and as have learned in biology, monocultures are seldom good nor sustainable.
On the other side, I love to see the P85+ in my garage so don't get me entirely wrong.

IMHO all Fisker ever was, was just a hybrid. For me, hybrids aren't the way forward, they're a dead end path to be avoided.

The design is stunning, except from the front. The grill reminds me of a cartoon character's mustache:(
As efficiency goes, it is a miserable failure.
As performance goes, it is a failure.
I have heard it handles very well.

As for the email the OP got, I have read that this is a third party company that is looking to offer support for Fisker owners.
Incredibly expensive for an uncertain level of support.

Really surprised Fisker hasn't come out and just declared bankruptcy. It would at least give the remaining dealers and customers some answers. Such as setting up a warrantee fund or such.

I don't think any company would ever hire Fisker again. How could they trust him? His career is over. This industry is too small and has too much available talent for any board to have to stoop so low and hire Fisker. China would be his only hope. They could pick each others pockets...

Yeah, Land of Knock-Offs. He'd find a warm welcome. Till they'd picked his brains bare.

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