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Fisker Karma burns down garage with two cars and part of house

1. Chevy Volt- Side impact causes car to catch fire.

2. Fisker Karma- NO impact incinerates three cars, garage, and nearly burns down house..

3. Tesla Model S- Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for our brave signature reservation holders ;)


Unfortunately not everyone agrees the S makes enough noise for the blind etc. Here in MA, our senior senator is particularly twitchy about it, having sponsored legislation mandating artificial noise for under-emitting EV's.

I'm waiting for the announcement of a color-matched Tesla sleigh bell.

Blind people are not the problem, they do listen and have much more acute hearing than sighted people (unless there is something wrong with the ears as well). It's the ones that do not listen and do not use their perfectly working eyes to look around that are the problem. Also at the speeds where that lack of sound would really matter you can't hear ICE car either before it is too late. I would rather go darwinian for those.

Are headphones prohibited for pedestrians yet?

We are overregulated...just saying.

digitaltim +1

Don't start me on the nanny state, but this has immediate relevance to my impending purchase. My insurance company wants to know how much noise it makes which could ostensibly affect the premium.

@digitaltim: +1, very over regulated.

As long as I can choose my "roll tones" I have no problem with making a sound under 40mph or whatever.

And I am adding a vote to those in the post VB linked to. George Jetson's car sound

Cool. If we get to add sound to cars because they are too quiet then we can add sound to bicycles because I've almost been hit twice while walking my dog on a number of shared trails where the biker was going over 35MPH and had no way to stop.

As a cyclist, I always make noise when approaching pedestrians, especially when they have a dog. In some rare cases the warning sound is, "This isn't a dog park. Put your dog on a G..D..leash and take out the f'ing earbuds!" Usually I give a calm, "On your left" and a thank you when they hold their dog tightly.

Most cyclists drive in sane manner, but far too many drive like crazy doing 35mph in sidewalks, some cases actually speeding faster than allowed speed for cars is at the area. I think sidewalks should have speed bumps, especially close to bus stops and similar places.

At least one of the plugin hybrids that I test-drove at this year's "Salon" in Geneva had a clever solution. Simple and perfectly adequate: It offered a separate horn, much more muted than the usual car horn, to signal to pedestrians. Pretty much like the good old bicycle bell: Use it when needed, but don't make any unnecessary noises the rest of the time.

I would like to meet the cyclist who could do 35 on a sidewalk. Maybe on a steep down hill. The average Tour de France speed is around 25 MPH.

35mph is only 56 km/h. It's not very fast for good cyclist and bicycle. Reason why Tour de Doping has that low average speed are the very steep uphills and very long route. They do nearly 55mph at downhill and flat surface when wind is at right direction. They keep insane speed at good condition flat road and TV doesn't really show it very well.

For sidewalks that might be a little exaggerated, maybe 25mph is closer to truth barring some really insane rare ones (they really go a lot faster than cars next to them).

In our area, riding bicycles on a sidewalk is illegal. People get away with it, but only if they're walking the bike, or going only slightly faster than the walkers.

In Dallas last year a pedestrian was killed by a cyclist on the Katy Trail, a rails to trails project, that is shared by both. The cyclist was riding through people at a high rate of speed and the pedestrian wearing earbuds turned around to head bact the other way and was struck by the cyclist killing her instantly.

Bicycle paths are generally more dangerous than roads. I always avoid them. ideally the right lane of the road is made 1 to 1.5 metres wider but with no "bicycle stripe". (The bicycle stripe means that vehicles will never go there and it become unridable because of all the glass that will accumulate).

Kroneal, maybe we will meet one day. I used to travel 45mph easy "back in the day". The off road hiking trails are the worst here in St. Louis. Some allow bikes some don't and the bikers could careless either way.
Then there are the motorized three and four wheelers that are not allowed anywhere except private property and special trails that seem to always run over a tent full of children at least once a year around here.
Add to that the kids that love to just run across major 6 lane city streets during rush hour to catch the bus before it drives off.... seen one get hit just a few years ago.

My point is that noise makers on BEV is just plain silly....

man we got way off this topic! lol

- My point is that noise makers on BEV is just plain silly....

Agreed, but try telling that to a politician.

You can't tell anything to a politician unless you have a lot of cash in front of your mouth.

There might be a means to put that money in front of politician without actually using lot of your own money: just convince one that ICE cars with stop & go systems in stoplights need such sound-makers too. That activates the Big Oil and traditional car companies.

Timo & Sudre,
Last year, Tony Martin won the TDF time trial stage 20. His average speed over the short course was 46 km per hour. That's 28.5 MPH. A single pro rider over short, relatively flat course, no lights, going full throttle. But if you guys think that's slow.....

Anyway, we are way off topic and it's my fault so I apologize. Installing artificial noise to warn cyclists is silly. If we are going fast downhill all we hear is the wind in our ears so artificial noise is pointless. If we're going slowly, we can hear the car's road noise so artificial noise is pointless. For those that ride with their ear buds, you deserve to get hit and artificial noise is pointless.

An ICE car self immolates about once every 1.5 minutes in the US. It is not uncommon. Putting an ICE engine in a car increases the chance that it will catch fire and burn, all by itself, for no reason, with no warning.

Plus, a 300 mile battery has about 3 gallons of gas worth of non flammable energy in it, while a 20 gallon gas tank has about the energy equivalent of 150 sticks of dynamite. I know, apples to oranges.

Good luck with that.

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