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Floor Mats Stink

I must say that I love my Model S and have really had no issues. The minor ones I have my ranger has a plan and the fix is on its way......but.....I must say, I spent 92,000 on a car and the floor mats that the car comes with are crap. On top of the crap floor mats, they don't even give you floor mats for the back seat. Tesla, come on.....I think I could have my 11 year old daughter make me a better set of mats than what come with the car. What gives...92k and CRAP floor mats???

Got Lloyd ultimate with H graphite and red neon trim for $121 for front 2 and back seat single across. Shouls look great in the black perf. interior with red piping. Just Ask for a discount. I figure I can replace them if they aren't good. I'm not a sloppy driver, ie drive without shoes for more comfort so there is never goo on the driver's floor.

I ordered the Tesla far I am pleased.

Got the Lloyd ultimates yesterday, they look good. Now all I need is the car ( within 2 weeks)

Earlier comments on this topic have talked about the plastic screws which have a hook on top and are supposed to be screwed into the carpet; then the hook holds down the Tesla floor mat on the drivers side. One person wrote that a small slit is made through the under carpet, another writer said no, you screw into the under-carpet.

I can confirm that the instructions that come with the Tesla mat say to screw it into the carpet, and they say nothing about a small slit, HOWEVER, I could not get my plastic screw to stay put in the under carpet, I could not apply enough force to get it to break through the pile, so it does not succeed in holding down the floor mat. I pushed down hard, and I have a strong arm too, but the screw didn't stick.

Anyone else get this to work?

@WSE51 | MARCH 1, 2013: [...]I could not get my plastic screw to stay put in the under carpet[...] Anyone else get this to work?

Yes, it worked just fine for me. One screw was harder than the other. The carpet flexed a bit, but I used my thumb and forefinger around the hook and pressed down while turning. At worst case, I think you can use something to pierce the carpet first. I think someone drilled a small pilot hole in the carpet.

Some suggest drilling a small pilot hole, just enough for the tip to engage.

@ Alex K's instructions....

Anyone else notice the instructions for installing the rear seat premium mats? "Remove the 2nd row floor mat and install the 2nd row premium floor mat".

What "2nd row floor mat"? ;)

The one they were going to put in before they didn't.

Duct tape for me now as well in my $105k car. It's nice and silvery., but at least people don't have to shove their feet under a drooping mat when they get a ride!

Any solutions for storage inside?

@Glwhittaker - for a cheap storage option check out the Model S delivery checklist. For more expensive/professional versions use to search for CCI (center console insert)

produce mats to demand. car mats

Either I am blind or they don't have Tesla on there site?


I got a new set of replacement mats from Tesla when I went in for my 6,000 mile tire rotation. They are clearly an improvement over that originals and included the rear seat as well as the front.

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