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Free rear floor mats per Elon on Twitter

From Elon Musk on Twitter:

@elonmusk: @davidzh All cars leaving the factory now have good rear mats. Existing customers should get them any time their car heads in for service.

No need to even pay for shipping to the service centers, just toss a lot of them in the trunks of cars being shipped there.

There was nothing said about this being a premium mat. If it occurs at all, I suspect it's the same construction as the free front mats, which are considered (by Tesla) as courtesy mats. They are rather thin and flimsy, so I suspect most existing owners will not be interested and/or have already bought Tesla's premium mats or after-market mats.

My guess is less than 20% of the existing owners would want them, even if offered for free. These thin mats are likely far cheaper too, so the cost to Tesla is really fairly small. The first back mat I bought from Target cost $13 retail and was better construction than the front mats. Let's say it would cost $10 for cheaper mats in volume, and 20% of 10,000 produced cars go for it, we're talking $20K total!

mobile twitter still has Elon's tweet:

I understand Weather tech is working on Tesla custom mats which will only be sold through Tesla website

Does anyone know if the luxury (or whatever they were called) carpeted floor mats are coming back on the Tesla site? I was thinking of buying those, but that doesn't seem to be an option any more.

I spoke with the manager of the LA service center on Wednesday and was told that the Tesla floor mats will no longer be offered on their site. We have seen a lot of conflicting information, so not sure if this is accurate. His comment was that they were going to deemphasize accessories and concertrate on the car, service and communication.

Its accurate. Carpeted floor mats no longer available on the site. only all weather ones. Hope this means they will be in the car when its delivered!

I was just in the Menlo Park dealership and they did not know why the mats were removed from the website. They said the dealerships do not stock most of the accessories including the mats.

Will have to consider the Lloyds or some other mats. Very confusing.

Received my car today and there were mats in a plastic bag in the trunk. Wasn't expecting that, but based on this thread, it looks like they are now included. They looked shaped for the front, however, not the back.

So, did you only get the two front ones or were there any more?

And are they thick, good quality or thin, temporary?

There are only two and I would say the quality is okay. They feel very similar to the carpeting that they are meant to cover. There is a kind of overstitch edging and two velcro grip strips to hold them in place.

This sounds different than the prior "courtesy" mats most of us got. Does it have a Tesla logo in the mat? The ones they used to sell on-line had a light-gray Tesla logo in the mats.

Got my car last Monday, the DS told me that Tesla "heard" the feedback about the initial mats being less than ideal, poor grip, too thin etc. Like dubaty, I had 2 mats in the trunk, which the DS took out & placed in the front, after showing me the "improved" quality. These had the teeth for better grip, with the Velcro, but no Tesla logo. They appear medium thickness, but I never saw the original ones, so have no direct comparison. I found no rear mats.

I agree with hpatelmd. I also have no experience with the prior version for comparison.

My car left the factory today, so hopefully I can report back next Saturday when I pick it up!

Don't aim at brick walls, or Hondas.

Car delivered Thursday, only had crap temp front mats.

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