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In trying to plan a trip into the Sierras out of Fresno, I have found that after Coalinga there is nothing. Along the 99 there is no Blink, no Chargepoint, the Nissan dealers are (pick your favorite bad word), an RV park wants to charge me $35 to charge in Fresno and So-Cal Camp Edison (Shaver Lake) only has chargers in a few RV spaces with are booked through summer and closed all winter.

To compound this, looking at the Supercharger projection map it appears that there are no plans for the 99. It appears they will be bulding up the 395 only. Any suggestions would be appriciated.

We live in Mariposa and feel your pain, although since we charge at home, it is really not a problem for us, but rather for others visiting the area. We charged once at the High Sierra RV site in Oakhurst and they reserved a spot for us for $10 for a "few hours" charging in the evening. The Air Pollution Control District in Fresno has 2 J1772s, but they are open only during business hours and are often in use. Mariposa has an RV camp at the fair grounds with lots of 14-50. Not sure how much they would charge for a charge, but I'll ask. BTW, I have found that about 1/2 of the Nissan dealers on 99 say they would let me charge, but have never needed to. The other half, as you say......

@shs: "The Air Pollution Control District in Fresno has 2 J1772s"

i have heard that these were not open to the public. Do you have confirmation from anyone that they actually allow public use?

The place I referenced is:

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District - Fresno, CA
1990 E. Gettysburg Avenue
Fresno,CA 93726

On Carstations it is listed as two public stations. I charged there once, briefly, to test it out. Got 30 amps - no problem other than the restrictive times they are open. The charging stations are right inside the gate, off to the right a bit.

Here is an image (I hope) of the charging site.

Note that the hours of operation are 7:30 to 5:30.

The entire central valley seems to be lagging on EV charging. I go into the Turlock area twice a month and have to drive to Patterson to stay and charge at the Best Western Hotel. Its a pity and the valley has some of the worst Air in the nation.

I experienced the pain of no charge stations in Clovis, while visiting my son on a weekend. The local Nissan dealer said 'no way' when I asked. The other locations were closed for the weekend, so I was stuck with 120volt charging for the entire weekend to have sufficient charge to reach Gilroy Monday morning.

Look for 14-50 in RV campground sites. Faster than other options, seemingly everywhere.

Pardon. I had not read the post. All booked. Feel the pain, may have the same problem shortly.

I made an overnight trip from SF East Bay to Fresno last weekend in my S85. Called a number of hotels but no EV charging, other than one place with 110V, not good enough to get me home. I ended up leaving the S85 overnight at an RV park on a NEMA 14-50, and walked to a nearby hotel. It was $35 to rent an RV slot overnight; the owner said I was the first to ever request EV charging there (I added the location to Plugshare).

Plugshare lists a few private residences with available EV charging in the Fresno area, including one guy who has a 60 Amp J1772 (though not close to Hwy 99).

Recargo lists a private residence with available 48 Amp Tesla Roadster charging in Fresno.

Hwy 99 needs some supercharger love.

Thanks all.

@caldreamin: Yeah, I think I called your $35 an hour guy.

@djay: thanks for the best western patterson listing. new to me. is it a j1772?

@Michael, the RV Park didn't charge me $35 an hour. My car was there about 12-13 hours over night, during which it range charged after driving 177 miles to get there from the SF Bay Area. I believe $35 is what they charge RVs for a full day in an RV slot. They don't have a different pricing structure for EVs. I reserved an RV slot several days in advance and when I got there it was the only available RV slot. So looking at it from their perspective, I can see why they charged my EV the same as an RV.

Maybe if there is more interest, they will install some NEMA 14-50s at regular car parking spaces, rather than having EVs take up entire RV slots.

It would be great if there was a supercharger in this area allowing us to drive to Yosemite!

@Michael. The Best Western in Patterson is J1772 and is Free if you buy a meal or spend the night. There are 6 ChargePoint Stations.

Michael S
Where is the pain my Model S 85 goes to Fresno and back home on a single charge no problem.
Yes they have no Superchargers as yet on 99. Most of us are charging at home anyway. I could easily drive to the Tejon Ranch Super Charger down 99 Hwy distance 221 Miles . A max charge would take me there. My first long trip to LA I stopped at all the Superchargers ( not needed ) . You discover that a rolling Tesla S does better than your rated average range. My average usage for 7000 miles is about 322 watts/ mile . On driving Hwy 5 that drops to about 312 watts /mile going the limit with cruise control and A/C on. It was 109 degrees that day also. My calculator says 85KW pack /312watts/ mile = 272 miles. Yosemite is 70 miles away that would be an easy trip for us also. We took Del Puerto Canyon Road on our way back from the Service center that was fun. You have a battery warranty 8 years get started drive the Car.


Wow....Yeah, well I have been driving electric cars for four years now. But thanks for the lesson??

As my Model S is now 25k miles old the range is limited to 256 on full charge. As I said, i will be driving into the Sierra mountains that will suck a lot of juice and I WILL need to charge somewhere in the north valley. But thanks anyway.

@djay: funny i never noticed the patterson locations before on the chargepoint map.

Now i see them.

Sun Country Highway shows a pending installation of a CS-60 J-1772 charging station at the Best Western Plus airport Hotel in Fresno. There will finally be a hotel in Fresno with decent EV charging.

Drove by and spoke to operations manager at the hotel. The station is expected to be operational around 2/20/14. Two clearly marked EV spots in the font of the hotel, near the main entrance.

Yep. Fresno is terrible - and it's the southern gateway to Yosemite. I've even thought about installing a HPWC at the Fresno Lao Monestary for Tesla owners to use.

I had to go San Jose to Clovis (just outside of Fresno). I made it via Gilroy to Harris Ranch to Clovis and back to Gilroy. The Harris Ranch stop probably added an hour to the driving time, but it worked.

Isn't Fresno by far the largest city in America not served by an Interstate highway?

They are putting in a Supercharger in the Manteca area on the corner of 99 and 120 so that should provide relief

dirtiest CA cities in the US

#1 Fresno
#2 Bakersfield
#5 Modesto
#6 Riverside
#8 San Jose
#9 Stockton
#12 Sacramento
#17 Los Angeles

Fresno, Modesto, Bakersfield are along the 99... and no superchargers planned along 99. That area needs some serious EV love.

The California Energy Commission announced that Fresno State will receive a grant of more than $397,000 for construction of an on-campus electric vehicle charging station.

The charging station, scheduled to open in September 2015, will be built in parking Lot P2, near the intersection of Woodrow Avenue and Matoian Way, west of the Save Mart Center. There will be six charging stalls — four “Level 2” stalls (two- to three-hour charging) and two “quick-charge” stalls (20- to 30-minute charging). The spaces will have public-friendly pay-by-phone capacity.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order in 2012 laying the foundation for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles in the state by 2025.

“The potential of our region is practically untapped,” said Bob Boyd, Fresno State’s associate vice president for Facilities Management. “Building this charging station supports current electric vehicle owners, encourages faster growth by making it convenient and demonstrates Fresno State’s environmental leadership.”

Lot P2 already includes 750 parking spaces covered with solar panels used to generate about 20 percent of the university’s power needs.

There are currently only three other electric vehicle Level 2 charging stations in the Fresno area, at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District office, Schneider Electric and a Nissan dealership. The quick-charge stalls will be the first in the region.

Boyd said constructing a major charging station on campus will help alleviate range anxiety for commuters from surrounding cities where charging areas are scarce.

For more information, contact Boyd at 559.278.2373 or

I wonder what they are basing those charging rates on. Two to three hours in a Volt? A Leaf? A Tesla? Is quick charging compatible with other cars. How many amps or kW?

Is that 260 miles? 40 miles? 20 miles?

The people in charge of these public projects need a better education on what measuring stick is appropriate.

@zap Not a Tesla, but my thoughts exactly.

Try joining PlugShare. There are several NEMA 14-50s and J1772s around the Fresno area.

I find it helps to belong. I also have a ChargePoint card and belong to Blink (only for emergencies). When traveling it never hurts to be prepared.

I really don't understand why the Central Valley ( highway 99 ) seem to be completely ingnored by Tesla... worst air polution in the US and National Parks can be served.

The best western hotel near the Fresno airport installed some chargers. That will help the Yosemite travelers some.

DO NOT waste your time/range driving to Blink chargers....3 out of 3 were down even though they were listed as open last week wasted 30 miles trying to gain 40 miles.

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