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Front windshield blurry at bottom edge

Has anyone else noticed that the bottom edge (about 2") of the front windshield appears blurry and makes objects distracting?

one non-standard bend.... Sure wish there was an edit button.

I have the same problem and the Tesla LA service center put me on a wait list for a (free) replacement windshield -- they said that Tesla has been having problems with the glass supplier and are waiting to get new windshield glass delivered that doesn't have the distortion band

I notice a new distortion after 6000 miles. My electrician wanted the Model S in the driveway for HPWC installation. The vehicle sat in the late afternoon sun for several hours. The interior was 96 degrees when I decided to vent the panoramic roof. Later, when driving the Model S, I noticed an area of distortion through the REAR glass that was NOT there before.

I am sensitive to this issue because I did my test drive in Scottsdale and took photos of distortion through the rear window. I was pleased that I did not have distortion at delivery and have enjoyed an undistorted rear view for months. The heating of the rear window on a normally warm day in Southern California is normal, but I had avoided this situation until yesterday. I would suggest that owners check for any distortion after delivery and monitor it over time.

One other change occurred a few weeks ago that may have added rear window heating, the recently shipped Parcel Shelf. The combination of a warm day, afternoon sun on the rear window and the dark parcel shelf would add to the heating.

@Mark Z

May I ask, do you have tinted side and/or rear glass? If so, what percentage?

Fremont service center guy said the distortion is 'normal'.

I guess we just have to pretend its a 'feature' and not a bug.

Glass is a supercooled liquid. Centuries old glass panes have distortion at the bottom due to
Glass collecting at the bottom. Those and the Model S wind shields.

Sorry-- thought this was a new thread....never mind

Red Shift;
Flowing old glass is an urban legend. Old glass panes were cut from blown bubbles, and the convention was to put the thicker part of the cut at the bottom.

Hmmm, it seems one of my high school teachers had fallen prey to this urban legend.

I learnt something new.

@kyleket: No tint on any of the windows.

The distortion is visible across the hatch glass when viewed from the rear view mirror. Mine is more pronounced on the drivers side and occurs in one band between the heater "wires" about 1/3 from the bottom. The distortion during the Scottsdale test drive was worse, so it will be interesting to compare after the summer heat. While a photo can show the distortion, it is more noticeable while driving. Below is a link to a photo I took in Scottsdale during the "Get Amped Model S Tour."

@MarkZ, thanks for that photo. Until I saw it, I figured this entire thread was (and I apologize to all the other posters) "nitpicking". But what that picture shows is nothing short of outrageous. I can only _imagine_ how distracting that is when the car is actually moving!

Even the newly manufactured Models S are still installed with those defective windshields with annoying distortion problems along the bottom edge of the windshield... i wonder why Tesla has yet to tell their vendor/manufacturer to fix that annoying problem?... a quick fix would be just to broaden the black strip on the bottom edge of the windshield.

I do not believe it is a defect.

I rainX'd my windshield when I first got my P85 and noticed that it had two distinct bends on the horizontal axis. I believe these were molded into the glass to keep flow attached to the wind screen as it traverses the car. If you happen to be at just the right height in the car, or you're looking through the lower part of the wind screen, you will see a distortion at each of the bend lines. I typically only see it looking at painted lines on the road through the lower part of the wind screen.

I test drove the Tesla and I am considering buying one. I noticed the distortion right away. I currently drive a CLS AMG and have owned 3 other S class Mercedes never with distortion. So yes, it's not normal and should be considered a manufacturers defect regardless of what's said.

I really like the car but things like this Make me wonder.

I noticed it but it's like the progressive lenses with the peripheral loss your eyes adjust and after awhile you don't notice it...

I beg to differ. It is not a defect if designed in. It may not be for you but that does not make it a flaw.

I do not believe any of your MBs ever came close to the Cd of MS but then they just burned more gas to make up for an inefficient design :)

MS also does not have all those buttons in your MB. Is that a flaw as well?

My point is that different is not always a flaw. It is the first time I have seen a wind screen molded on this axis but I understand why it was and like the idea that someone has thought outside the box to gain an improvement.

I just received my P85 on Friday... the distortion along the bottom of the front windshield is absolutely normal and not distracting in any way. My 2007 Prius has the same distortion along the bottom few inches of its windshield and my Highlander has visible distortions in the windshield in the middle of the field of view - far worse, in my opinion. The reason this distortion is more visible in the Model S is because of the steep angle of the windshield (low drag) and that wipers and front hood don't block that part of the windshield.

When are people going to stop beating up this car over things that are clearly not issues and that are present in other vehicles? Now that I have the car, it's clear to me that many of the complaints in these forums are overblown and some are downright inaccurate and off base.

Lots of model cars have this distortion. Almost impossible engineering glass to not have it and yet conform to designs for aerodynamics. Some mfgs decide to forgo the aerodynamics a bit to accommodate a flatter windshield.

A quick fix by some is to include a black band around the border of the glass to cover it up - but it is still there.

@ Lola;y CLS has a pretty sharp angle windshield also, but if you are saying the model S is extra contoured at the bottom knowing about the resulting distortion, for design reasons, ok fine. I'll buy that.

MY MS is an early build(P038xx) and my windshield has this distortion. I spoke to a friend who has a near, new MS and he says his does not have this distortion or it is much less.

I am curious if this 'problem' has been corrected and what TM does about replacing the early windshields?

I had a brand new (2k miles) P85+ loaner that had it. Doubt it's gone.

I have not noticed it in my car (mentally adjusted to it) for a long long time now.

I have never noticed it. And I'm NOT going to look for it!!!!!


It's not going away. It's due to the tight curvature of the windshield at the bottom. To make it go away would require a redesign of the windshield shape. It's not a defect.

This is such a non-issue... The distorted area is at the extreme bottom of the windshield. If you are bothered by the distortion, then that's all you're looking at and you aren't looking at the road or anything else. During normal driving - not sitting in the garage or parking lot with an owner obsessing over every single minutiae - I rarely see the distortion.

Every time I drive my Model S, I am taken aback by the breathtaking and sweeping view from the front windshield. Visibility for the driver is fantastic. Calling the minor distortion at the bottom a "defect" is like saying you won't fly in a SR-71 Blackbird because the nose cone is dirty.

Thank God for these forums. I hate the distortion at the bottom of the windshield and thought I was the only one. Its good to know I'm not, even if nothing can be done about it. Hopefully Telsa reads these and is quietly compiling a list of things NOT to include on the Model S 2.0 or any other Tesla.

I was told by a windshield repairman (had a new windshield installed in my Lexus), that the distortion is from the materials they use for the solar rejection.
He said they have had a number of BMW owners who ordered a solar rejecting windshield as a replacement to their normal windshield, but then called and had them come swap it out again after they saw the distortion.
It really bothered me when I sat in the MS at the mall, but I don't notice it now.
I'm guessing it's because my head is always looking skyward because of the acceleration G-Force! :-)

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