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A funny thing happened on the way to the restaurant

So my range showed 84 miles when I left my driveway to pick up dinner. As I went up the first hill less than a mile away, the range dropped to 74 miles. Going down the next hill, the range jumped to 81 miles, then quickly to 83 miles. It dropped again up the next hill, going back and forth repeatedly between numbers that seemed realistic and unrealistic. I thought about posting this flaw in the range estimating display to a forum, but frankly I don't even know if Infiniti has a forum. I won't have my Tesla for a few more weeks at least, but it seems to me that given the very public scrutiny this forum has undergone in recent months with posts even being quoted in the NYT Public Editor's piece, we should try to limit our gripes to things that are worthy and to frame them in more constructive ways so that non-owners or non-fans don't claim that Tesla owners "flood the forums with complaints" or "are happier with where the car is going than where it is today." My point is simply that it is great to use the forums to voice concerns, share tips, get and give advice, etc., but we increasingly ought to be mindful that lots of people read these posts every day with less than ideal levels of background and or knowledge about the many great aspects of the car, making thoughtfulness, respect, and civility that much more important.

I think my ICE example (true story!) is one in which no ICE driver would ever post about such an issue. It is a new issue for most EV drivers, and there aren't easy sources for charging in many places yet. However, all of us who spend way too much time on these forums know that there are issues with ideal vs rated vs ??? but yet many people re-raise these issues even though we know Tesla is aware of them. A search feature (built in, not just!) would help, as would categorization a la TMC's forums, but failing those, perhaps we should aim to just phrase things more interrogatively and less accusatorily as a starting point! This certainly doesn't apply to everyone, of course, but ask before you complain, complain before throwing out hyperbole! :-)

At the risk of sounding like Brian H, maybe the electrons were flowing backwards and forwards in the battery on the hills and that's why the readings were off? :-S

As to you 'be careful' comment, I've started creating more private threads than I used to. Whenever I post something that isn't necessarily intuitive or might give people the wrong impression I create a private vs public thread.

Nick...a great point...we can whine all we want in private posts! Maybe we should title them things like "What I love about my new Model S.". :-D

That sounds like "normal" operation giving you range estimates based on the "current" attitude of the car and what you could expect if you continued under the same conditions.

ICE's do this as well if you put on the "instant" economy indicator which can read as low as 3 to 4 mpg under heavy load "such as climbing a steep hill" to as high as 99 mpg when rolling down the other side.

Or am I Off Base?? (Don't have an S yet).

Folks, I think ricuguy's point is that his story happened in an Infiniti not in his S which he hasn't gotten yet.


David...thanks...I was enjoying the responses, but yes, that was indeed the point!! :-)

Nickjhowe: do you have a handle on TMC?

Would you believe - nickjhowe? :-)

yes I would, be didn't see you. private message

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