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Future Tesla service shops

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum or a repost. I am thinking about purchasing the upcoming Model S, but my decision depends on whether a Tesla service shop is planned for Atlanta, GA. I know there are the remote service trucks, but the type of work is limited and eventually you will need to take the car into the shop. Any information is much appreciated!

I think Tesla's plan is for a shop in every city at some point. Whether that's practical or not I've no idea.


Obviously only Tesla is privy to the roll-out schedule of their stores. One aspect affecting my decision has to do with the details of their warranty. One of their store managers suggested that the Model S might have a 5 year 50,000 mile warranty and that the Ranger service fee would be free for repairs under warranty. However, I guess its very unlikely that the Ranger service fees would also be waived for routine service.

With regard to your specific situation as of today the round trip service call mileage would be about 1300 miles to the nearest store. The routine service fee would probably be the same as the Roadster or $600. So the annual service fees for someone in the Atlanta area would probably be around $2900 not counting parts.
That doesn't appear to be an attractive proposition.

Obviously the decision depends on one's financial resources, but to me realistically a the decision to proceed needs to consider the location of existing stores at the time of purchase, and whether they are in driving range of the prospective customer.

In my own case the store is only a little more than 200 miles away (one way distance). So that begs the question of how much to spend on battery upgrades. Spending an extra $10,000 would only get me to 230 miles, but at realistic highway driving speeds that would not provide enough range. I am a low mileage driver. So do I spend an extra $20,000 just to avoid spending $400 annually on Ranger fees? It would only take 50 years to pay off the initial outlay. ;-)


That $600 isn't per visit, it's the annual cost for servicing.

Which AFAIK you need to pay used or not. I think. (confirmation?)

Larry - you can always get the smaller battery size & then stop and recharge during your trip.

"Larry - you can always get the smaller battery size & then stop and recharge during your trip."

Hi Bonnie,

Yes, I'm hoping that Florida follows California's example and starts installing public charging stations in convenient locations, especially at rest stops along major highways.

Before I put my deposit on a Model S I did a little MapQuesting of routes from Sarasota to the Dania Store. I found an alternate, slower route with a couple of RV parks about halfway. I don't know anything about how typical RV parks would charge for a charge, but I guess that even in the worst case of paying for a full day it would be cheaper than pay for Ranger mileage. :-)

So its probably feasible to do as you recommend for my 200 mile trip to the Tesla store, but for the original poster that would be a 850 mile trip and the logistics might be a little more challenging.


I've paid anywhere from $5 to $15 for charging an an RV park. So not bad. And many have restaurants, some have golf courses, and almost all have swimming pools.

Another option is to do what many of us have done here - help fund a charger in a location that is convenient for you.

For instance, six of us just paid for installation of a Tesla 70 amp charger at a campground/RV park near Tahoe, allowing us to make an absolutely breath-taking trip without worrying about charging. The park owner put a plaque on it, giving the six of us free lifetime charging. :) Another owner donated the charger at Harris Ranch near Manteca. Another owner installed two outside his business in Roseville. An owner in Malibu has worked with local businesses and the city to get a series of chargers installed/upgraded.

So the chargers you see here in different places have come from a variety of sources, but more private work than you might assume from looking at the maps. So get some Florida owners together and figure out a few places that would be helpful ... and make it happen!

Hi Bonnie,

If more folks were like you we wouldn't be dependent on foreign oil. I hope my wife and I get a chance to meet you at Fremont.


I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone, Larry. You're probably attending 10/1. Most of the locals will be there 10/2. But we're also talking about getting together off-site the afternoon of 10/1, so that everyone can meet.

Good thing we're planning on wearing nametags :).

Thanks for the excellent suggestions. I think Larry posted that he was able to switch to 10/2. However, I'm also from his "neck of the woods" in Florida, and I RSVP'd for 10/1. So, count me in for the off-site meet and greet the afternoon of 10/1.

After reading the posts on the Roadster forum, I'm anxious to find out if the air conditioning will be adequate in the Model S in Florida.

Hi Bonnie,

Yes, David is correct we've switched our reservation to 10/2. Good idea we'll also bring some nametag stickers, in case Tesla doesn't provide them. We'll be getting in very late on 10/1 so I'm rather disappointed that we'll be missing the meet and greet.


I'll be easy to find, I'm sure. Just look for the white Roadster parked out front with cf accents. :)

Sorry you can't make the unsanctioned event, I'm looking forward to that *almost* as much as the factory tour and Model S ride.

"After reading the posts on the Roadster forum, I'm anxious to find out if the air conditioning will be adequate in the Model S in Florida."

Hi David,

I share your concern, but I doubt the short ride will be sufficient to determine the adequacy of the air conditioning. Its likely that the temperature will be in the 60's during your ride so it won't present a challenging heat load.

By the way, I read an interesting article in Edmunds that states that Toyota will be furnishing Tesla with the electric air condidtioning systems. I figure that the Toyota air conditioning systems are probably more mature than the Roadsters.

Tesla S Charged With Generating Profit

"Although clearly reluctant to give examples — automakers as a rule don't like to publicize who supplies their parts — Straubel disclosed that Toyota will supply the air-conditioning system for the Model S. He said the Japanese automaker's experience with hybrids has given it a great deal of knowledge about electric air-conditioning systems. He said Tesla is benefiting from that, as well as introduction to some of Toyota's core suppliers."



bonnie's initiative with setting up chargers reminds me of a (continent-wide?) mutual charging association a German poster mentioned. I think they both arrange for new outlets, and make their own home units available with minimum advance notice. I get the impression that it is so effective that there are now more charging units than cars to use them!

This is the link to Brian's post, unfortunately the website is German-only (language-wise):

Looks like the Seattle area is getting a second Tesla "store" in the mall on the second floor. No open date provided.

Thanks for the link to the wonderful article. It addressed my concerns about the air conditioning. I can cross that one off my list.

Now we need to get organized and lobby for a Tesla store in the Tampa/Sarasota area of Florida.

"Now we need to get organized and lobby for a Tesla store in the Tampa/Sarasota area of Florida."

Hi David,


And if we get enough "locals" organized, and if can agree on a location, we can follow Bonnie's example and donate a charger. ;-)


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