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Gas Prices takes bigger bite

Great news for Tesla!

We have 2 other ICE cars. We used to go to gas station once per week per car. Funny thing, the Tesla now gets driven the most between my wife and I, and the ICE cars go to the gas station once every 3-4 weeks. Does anyone miss pumping gas? :)

My wife and I are in the same boat. We used her Honda Pilot as our weekend/around town car. We were filling it up about every 5 days (even though we owned a Prius, it was not comfortable to drive around in and wasn't great for doing things and having everything we needed for our 22 mo son). Our monthly gas bill has been peaking at bout $500 the past few months. Now that we have the S, she fills the pilot every two weeks, and our bill has dropped down to about $175-$200.

Could higher oil prices be good for CA? Gov. Brown thinks CA should and could become an oil boom state.

Here is more ICE anxiety: Gas prices are on a mysterious climb
From Washington Post

I think that our EV range anxiety will be resolved in a not very distance future but ICE cars gas price anxiety will become worse and worse in a not very distance future.

Gas in LA today $5.19 per gallon!!

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