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Gasoline Prices

The gasoline prices in California are spiking this week. We are seeing mid $4 range per gallon everywhere and some places are showing over $5 per gallon.

California regulations require a special formulation of gasoline for low emissions standards. There are a small number of refineries that can produce this type. The spike in prices are caused by 4 separate events at 4 different refineries in California. These events have reduced the output of California gasoline with the demand not changing - hence a significant and quick rise in prices at the pump.

The analysts say this is temporary and once these events blow over, prices will be back down to "normal" - which is less than $4 for regular unleaded grade.

In my experience, gas prices jump up quickly but rarely return to normal quickly, if ever.

Gas prices in California are typically higher than anywhere else in the contiguous 48 states. This, among other reasons, it why Tesla cars sell well in California (and perhaps in other countries with higher gasoline prices).

I'm looking forward to my Model S so I don't need to wait in the long gas lines that this "temporary" issue has now created.

Yow, no wonder the Dutch all ride wind-assist bicycles!

wind-assist bicycles??

Ebikes charged from wind power ? ;)

I have an eBike... :)

Brian H “ Carl;
Is the bicycle hybrid gas-electric, or hybrid human-electric?”
IMO, human power ultimately yields the highest levels of pollution! Yes-No-Maybe?

Cerjor. Your VW-$5 point is priceless. I too remember when gasoline was $.29 a gallon and smelled good.

Carl B. I am guessing, it probably doesn’t cost materially more to refine a barrel of oil into gasoline in the US, Europe, Au-NZ, Japan, etc. what makes the difference is the amount of taxes levied on the gasoline. I think Brian H is right, the US has probably shown more restraint on taxing gas and that is why gasoline is (IMO) too cheap.

One last observation. The short term/bright side , higher gasoline prices will stimulate the rich and needy to offer more $$$ to the greedy.

Friend of mine tweeted this yesterday, getting gas in Beverly Hills:

"Time to get an electric car"

Here in the U.S. our taxes on gasoline are much lower than many parts of the world.

Some feel they're too low, but others undoubtedly (even some on these forums, I dare say) feel they're too high.

In general, the money spent on roads and highway systems does come from gas taxes. However, the government also spends lots of other moneys related to oil and gas that does not come from gas taxes...most notably defense spending for security (especially in the middle east, where maintaining the security of the oil trade is one of our primary goals), but also the subsidies given to the oil companies.

If all of that money was coming directly out of taxes on fuel, we would have to have much, much higher gas taxes to cover it all.

oaktowner. We do, it is called a massive deficit. Higher gasoline prices would be far more effective than CAFE regulation.

Ja, I vas tinking ov dose rigs wit lateens und spinnakers ...


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