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Gift card from Tesla

In the mail today I got an envelope from Tesla containing a $100 gift card to 7forallmankind. The gift card just says$100 luxe performance gift card, exclusively for owners of Tesla.
Am I somehow special or do we all get one?

This is something that Tesla is investigating. They want any and all information regarding the "gift card".

Got one too in the mail today ( San Jose ).

I never got one.

Got a answer back from Ownership. It is a valid promotion.
Not everyone got the word apparently.

Checked out the website. VERY expensive jeans and you need to spend $250 to be
able to use the card.

Until I see an email or formal post from Tesla management confirming this is indeed an official Tesla thing, I won't believe it. Seems way out of character for them.


Based on the TMC thread, I am very sceptical. Please post exact response for confirmation (or not).

TMC photo of offer:

No possible way that Tesla "officially" endorses this text:



How did they get hold of people's names and addresses?

Guess that they may be able to track down hammy16 to find out...

Love 7 for all mankind jeans. Made in America like our cars, while I would love a gift card, seems difficult to believe this is Tesla approved.

I live in Orange County,Ca and got the card on Thursday 8/29. Seemed odd to me as there was no letter or any other promotional information. What is the deal? Was this a Tesla promotion? If so, thanks, but I can think of a lot better promotional items (such as a key fob case, a key fob ring assembly, a nice pen (( which BMW sent after I bought my 7 series)), etc). I don't want to sound ungrateful but my 64 year old body is not meant for 7 for all mankind jeans!!

None here

Got mine today. While I like the jeans, not REAL happy about the disclosure of owners names...
Doesn't feel like a "Tesla" kind of thing in their normal marketing.

Still Grinning ;-)

I was not thrilled by it and that is why I contacted Tesla.

Here is the response I got. Judge for yourself

Hi xxxxxx

Thank you for reaching out to Tesla Motors. The recent gift card you received is part of a promotion with 7 For All Mankind. 7 For All Mankind is launching a premium denim line for men called 'Luxe Performance.' Tesla Motors has partnered with 7 For All Mankind and owners (in select areas) have received a gift card for a purchase at 7 For All Mankind stores. There is no obligation to buy or use the gift card as it is simply a gift.

Tesla managed the mailing of the envelopes with a third party so no customer information was added to any external mailing list. An Non-disclosure Agreement was signed by the outside company that mailed the envelopes to ensure this information was a one time use.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us again if there is anything else we can assist you with.


Brent Stutler | Ownership Experience Advocate
3500 Deer Creek Rd. | Palo Alto, CA 94304 | 877.79.TESLA

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Just got one too.

I like the jeans too, but the V12 comment is a slap in the face for a Model S owner. They've pretty much lost a customer in me.

Tesla better get to the bottom of this. If they in any way endorsed this, they also share part of the blame. Otherwise, they better make sure this never happens again.

Yup, me too.

Either way, Luxe Performance Jeans would have to be better than my Buffalo Gobe Jeans (which are by far the most confortable jeans on Earth), in order for me to want to spend the extra $$$ on a pair.

On the flip side, I wish Tesla would allow Tag Heuer to design a 'Model S' logo wrist watch. Now that I would BUY!!!!


Appreciate your response. Think that this will lead to an appropriate resolution.

The folks at TMC say they got a response indicating it had nothing to do with Tesla. I just sent an email to Brent Stutler asking for a clarification.

I also received the gift card today. Not quite as good a deal as it seems, since the fine print states that it can only be redeemed for $100 off a $250 purchase of regular-priced items.

For the cyber sleuths out there, you can decode the USPS barcode on the front of the letter using this tool:

Here is what mine decoded to (with ZIP code redacted):
Barcode ID: 94
Special Services: 009
Mailer ID: 207622
Serial Number: 413605487
Delivery Point ZIP Code: XXXXXXXXXXX

The "94" is for "online & meter mailers" (

No luck tracking down what company / bulk mailer is "207622". From there, they can track the serial number back to the sender. I think Tesla's lawyers should be sharpening their pencils / pens / word processors.

According to this website, by law mailers must track all serial numbers for 45 days. I suppose Tesla's lawyers have a chance to compel the mailer to identify who is misusing their trademark.

Why do some companies need a 6 digit Mailer's ID?
6 digit MID codes allow them more room for larger/longer serial numbers in the Intelligent Mail Barcode. Mailers must keep the combination of Mailer ID and piece serial number unique for 45 days. If you have a 6 digit Mailers ID you have 9 digit serial numbers in the mail piece. The difference is 999,999 unique piece per 45 days vs. 999,999,999 pieces every 45 days.


Much simpler, just track hammy16 and you get right to the source.


Awww, what's the fun in that? In that case, a nastygram to Tesla's Marketing folks is in order.

TM using customer info for spam? Not a bright idea.

Big own goal by Tesla. Their communications/marketing team has been one of the weaker parts of the business since day one.

I receievd mine yesterday (SF Bay Area) and actually scanned my envelope and gift card and e-mailed the file to George B with an inquiry as to whether this was appropriate 3rd party marketing and if Sales was involved. I especially highlighted the fact that the comment about a V12 engine was really off-message. I wonder who in the organization actually gave final approval to the piece. We'll see what he says.

My message to ownership@ was basically "WTF?" and "please have the third party database scrubbed.

I got essentially the same response as @hammy16 from Naomi Takeuchi with this one added line:

"However, I will send your feedback to our Marketing team."

It's also a bit insulting as a message. They think the people who buy Tesla are the same ones who would waste $300+ on a pair of jeans.

we can question why Tesla agreed on co-marketing with this particular company, and for very expensive jeans, but it is a known and common marketing technique for companies to send out promotions on another company's behalf, NOT disclosing any customer information. So, don't get all bent out of shape, your name is not sold to anyone by Tesla, whether you liked the jeans or promotion or not.

For example, I am a small business, and I would love to send something to the clients of my dentist, so I talk to my dentist, and ask if they would send out something for me about this promotion, I would pay the costs, the mail will be stuffed/addressed by them, I would Never see any names (unless the client took up the promotion), this is all normal practice. Privacy is not violated. Of course my dentist would only do it if we have a good relationship, and he feels like supporting my cause and using his staff for me, which he does not, unfortunately, so it never happened.

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