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Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Passed through Gilroy today and noticed the new construction. Looks like the expansion to at least 8 charging bays. Huge trench next to the existing Superchargers.

Why on Earth don't they erect a canopy? Think of all that roof space for solar panels? Is it perhaps because they're waiting to finish this expansion first?

A canopy requires even more permitting and approval. Tesla has said they are getting the stations up first, then they'll work on the permitting for canopies. That gives you an idea of how convoluted the permitting process is...

I hope they never put the Gilroy SC in the shade. Now the spots are not very desirable on the side, if the SC will be the only shaded spots on the whole lot then they will become the most desirable and ICEed all the time - guaranteed.

Talked to workers today. Told that 6 more stations
being added. They will have their work done in about 2 weeks, but PG&E?... he just rolled his eyes! Just glad to see the expansion to this highly used SC facility.
By the way, the workers all were wearing t-shirts with the Tesla T emblem. Couldnt get them to say anything about who they work for. Trucks looked like independants. They were working hard in 95 degree temps. I did not press for answers. HOT!

Tesla has some crews of its own, I think.

jbunn =+1

In addition to all the swap station mention, the exiting Model S will need modification for the swap process to work at all. There are panels fore and aft that attach directly to the bottom of the battery, and there will need to be a modification to allow the battery to be removed.

I just had my main battery replaced at Rockville due to "anomalies". The standard TM work order for this is 3 hours and the tech told me it actually takes five hours. The procedure requires evacuating and injecting gallons of ethylene glycol and bleeding the heating/cooling system, and hand-installing the battery connections, which are cables, a procedure that cannot be done robotically.

Also, the specifications call for the 20+ bolts to be replaced every time, as they are part of the stressed body structure, and cannot be re-torqued. While this can be automated, the lawyers will almost definitely require a manual inspection and re-checking of the torque values, as well as the coolant fill levels.

The swap "program" is for marketing optics and to upgrade the battery credit level that TM can claim. Beyond that, the demonstration was PT Barnum level stuff. As you point out, the logistics are many, the long term utility short as new TM cars and battery form factors come online. We will see exactly one of these built, and that only maybe. The genius of TM's battery program is Supercharging, not swapping.


Do you have a theory why the car was designed to be swapped and was in fact swapped in 90 seconds?

Any thoughts on why Elon Musk is deceiving everyone?

Any ideas on how they got a machine to run all the nuts off, disconnect coolant and battery connections, reconnect the nuts and then allow the car to drive off?

You've been proven wrong before about swap, but you didn't seem to learn anything.

1. The car is designed for battery swap.

2. When automated, the swap takes a few seconds. Manually, it requires tools and labor that take much longer than automation.

3. You have no proof about swap other than service center techs that have no INSIDER knowledge of the swap procedure or future of swap.

4. This hasn't stopped you from making incorrect inferences and declarations for months.

Give it a rest.

Checked out Gilroy today - crew was working on the foundation... they were compacting the soil for the boxes. Next visiable step should be pouring the concrete.

Without wanting to highjack this Gilroy discussion, I'd like to share an idea about swapping. Since that is part of the thread as well.

Would it be feasible, perhaps even easier, to integrate the whole swapping mechanism into a trailer. That can be parked at any opportune place/route/event.
The whole trailer and/or battery packs can be swapped for maintenance and/or charging at a central service point overnight.

Repairs or upgrades to the system are so much easier, since it is not poured into reinforced concrete. Instead 360deg accessible...
And you would have variable swapping capacity, when and where to allocate swapping stations. Maybe its even cheaper to build?

Anyway, good luck in Gilroy. I just got my hopes up since I'm living in Arnhem - Holland, right next to the 1st soon to be energized route: Amsterdam-Munich. Maybe they'll put an SC nextdoor!

Ooooooh - looks like I'll need to practice my 'backing into SC position' skills.

Or try the forward entry over the sidewalk...

'Or try the forward entry over the sidewalk...'

With extra points for taking out the hedge.

Yes, it will leave some scars, but very efficient to snatch the last spot from the guy who takes the slow approach.

Nice pics! Can't wait until the SCs on the East get busy enough that we need to expand!

I was at Darien CT today. South has 4 stalls not connected yet. North has 4 stalls - met Chris on his way from Long Island to Fairfield University. Other 2 stalls were empty the whole time. So soon we'll have 8 in Darien, and 4 just 30 miles away in Milford.

3 of the 4 in Darien North are nose in and 1 back in; all 4 at Darien South are back in.


Thanks for the beautiful photos of the progress. It's really shaping up nicely!!!

@tes-s - buy more cars over on the right coast...

Still the same as on dotors pictures today (Sunday afternoon). I could see it finished by the end of the week. Also having a second installation it allows TM to upgrade the original SC to 120 kW with minimal impact during he week. Just curious where the crew will be headed next?

@tes-s - we on the left coast just work harder, so we get more lollis...

Wow! I was just there on Friday and didn't see the charging stands as seen in these pictures. They are moving quickly- and I doubted the gent that told me a week ago that all but PG&E would be done in two weeks- he was right! Amazing. Thanks to those guys who worked through some really hot days to get this done. Now let's see how well PG&E does.

The second image won't display (desktop), and it's the only one not coded for mobile. Weird!


Any new updates/pictures?

Will there be a ribbon cutting ceremony when the expansion will have been finished (this week or next week)?

Any chance that anybody will visit Gilroy in the coming days? If yes, make photo's please.

Is it more likely that all the work will be finished next week (last week of September), or the week after next week (first week of October)?

@Benz - I was at Gilroy today around lunch time. Ground construction seems completed only the asphalt guy has to fill up the edges. No crew was present. I have a picture but need to figure out how to post it from dropbox.


Great, looking forward to your photo's already.

Wait a minute. Can the already existing Supercharger spots be used for charging a Model S (while the construction work is going on)? Or has Gilroy been closed for Supercharging, for the time being?

Yesterday upon arrival there was only one MS already there, but it had been backed in and was using the charger in the next bay.

Was fine as I was only there for 15 minutes (enough to get home with a buffer), no one else showed - but could have been ugly as that car was basically taking up 2 slots.

@Benz - the new ones are an independent installation, the old ones are working just fine. Sorry no picture yet... work needs me and have no time to figure it out right now.

I used Gilroy last Thursday with no problems. I am guessing from what the construction gents said, the only delay may be PGE. We shall see over the next week or so. Also if you are stuck, there are two Chargepoint stations adjacent to the SC stations.

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