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Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Passed through Gilroy today and noticed the new construction. Looks like the expansion to at least 8 charging bays. Huge trench next to the existing Superchargers.

Sorry, if you did go to the link, the old pics (open trench) from a few weeks ago are also there.

'few weeks'
Sept 7th

So, the current situation at the Gilroy Supercharger situation is that 10 Model Ses can charge at the same time?

I think it is 8 new + the original 4.

6 new + 4 original

Does it look like we may have more stations by year end? It looked likely in September, but weeks later we still dont have the added stations.
I do realize the important additions are those that expand the SC range, with cross country trips. Still, wouldnt it be nice if....... We shall see.

@reitmanr - what are you talking about? The new stations in Gilroy are operational.

I've been monitoring the Gilroy development despite that I'll unlikely charge my s85 there (it's 3000 miles away from where I live). Still, great to know that congestion will ease up for now. :-)

@wolfpet - Gilroy was already relieved with the opening of Fremont... have you heard of any complaints lately - it has been quiet exactly since Fremont is open. But 10 bays will greatly help with the summer coastal travel peaks.

"Expansion Plans
Summer 2013 - 8 additional charging stalls"

Heh, a little out of date...

@Davin B
Plans were Tesla's, however PG&E had different.

Stopped by 4 times this week - once without the MS.
Each time more than 4 were there (mixed between old and new chargers), so it has definitely been a helpful expansion.

Highest charge rate was 284 Miles per hour - when at 26 miles upon arrival.

Lowest was 91 when trying to top off to prevent stopping on the way back from trip to Vallejo from the peninsula. Still was nervous on trip back, so stopped anyway - thus the 284 rate. But only charged to 100 - enough to get home (plus a buffer).

Why exactly is Gilroy so busy? Is it locals coming to charge there, or is it really located on that busy of a corridor?

@Sgt Barone - lots of cars... about half of all existing MS car are in the Bay Area and LA/San Diego. Heavy traffic in between and they all have to be served by Gilroy. I5 Harris has 7 stalls, 101 Atascadero has 8 stalls and all have to go through Gilroy with (old) 4 stalls... 10 stall is more balanced. Long term another location in Salinas is needed ( best would be 101/156 intersection as it could also serve the Monterey/Carmel weekend travel ).

Heading south from the Bay Area CA, GILROY CA is on Hwy 101 just before the split to E Hwy 152 {which takes you to I-5} ….. or you continuing on south via Hwy 101 N-S more coastal {more scenic} freeway. It's just a huge link in the Tesla Supercharging Network with all the Bay Area CA drivers. I know it is a little hard to imagine how many MS's there are in the Bay Area/Los Angles CA. When I'm in the Bay Area I see 20-30 a day..they are just everywhere. When I am at home in Arizona, I'm lucky to see another MS in weeks. California REALLY is it's own economy! There may be a few Gilroy locals, but I think most locals charge at home. Every time I've visited Gilroy it's just owners passing through. Most of the owners live 40-60 miles north of Gilroy CA. BTW there is room to grow the TSCN in Gilroy even further. My guess is about twenty more stalls could be put in if needed. Time will tell.

@Sgt Barone

Commuters and distance travelers.

Used to be the first stop for new from factory - just to try out the SC. But now you can do that at the factory.

As Kleist stated: major intersection for 2 routes to L.A.

We commute to San Jose from the Peninsula, but home charging takes care of that. However, once a week we need to commute to Oakland, Sacramento, or Vallejo. Then, we depend on Gilroy, with Fremont as a backup.

When we were deciding on purchase, it was iffy. Because even the stated 300 mile range would be cutting it close. Then the SC's were announced and that made the difference - even with the 265 range correction announcement.

Yes, we save money using Gilroy - but home charging is not that much.
Compared to our former Gas bill, about 70% saving. Gilroy is just icing (no pun intended).

In the future, with battery degradation, Gilroy will be instrumental in getting us back and forth.

In 2020, I predict there will be Tesla Super Centers - with multitudes of chargers, shops, theaters, mini golf, etc - all owned and operated by TM. And the occasional obligatory gas pump in the Retro section, which has guided tours to explain the use of the antique equipment.

If anyone sees that there are 10 Tesla Model Ses being charged simultaneously at the Gilroy Supercharger station, then don't forget to make a photo and to post it here. I expect to see such a photo in Q1 2014. Thanks

Yeah, I've been wondering if TM will ever develop its own "amenities" at stopovers. Suspect would more likely partner with others to achieve a similar result.

stopped by to charge today (Sunday) at 10:30AM. Only one other MS was there. 8 bays open. I finished charging at 11:45 or so and only saw 3 other MS. wonder if more came by, but the mall was very busy.

The SCs are sized to accommodate Fri pm and Sun pm. Those are the Twin Peaks.

Thanks for the updates. Havent been to Gilroy for weeks, so it is good news to me that all 10 stations are up and running and at full power. I am guessing the traffic near the holidays has swelled, though perhaps not like the busy summer traffic.
So for now, happy about Gilroy.... now when can I SC cross country? In time for a Spring trip?

@hsadler wrote: "We commute to San Jose from the Peninsula, but home charging takes care of that. However, once a week we need to commute to Oakland, Sacramento, or Vallejo. Then, we depend on Gilroy, with Fremont as a backup."

I don't understand. Which "Peninsula" are you commuting from? If you're commuting to Oakland, Sacramento and Vallejo from the San Francisco Peninsula, then Gilroy is way out of your way; wouldn't it be much more sense to take a bridge across the bay and super charge only in Fremont?

Sorry, Monterey Peninsula

Residents of every peninsula call it The Peninsula.

Yes, and I live in North County...

I live in the north Peninsula.

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