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GM - Late to the party (200 mile EV)

With apologies to the Deleted One:

They're counting on "breakthroughs in breakthrough technology". Duh.

You'd think Tesla didn't exist. Talk about reinventing the wheel, being a day late and a dollar short, being one sandwich short of a picnic, etc.

I assume Tesla is "they-who should not be named" for all the ICE company press releases.

Why is the apology excepted? That doesn't sound acceptable to me. ;)

I thought you wouls catch that "Brain H"


That is all they've ever planned on being nnt. Elon has stated this numerous times.

Besides, Mercedes B class will use a Tesla drivetrain. Win for Tesla.

Damn. That comment went away quickly. You guys are being too harsh on nnt. IMHO.


No. They delete you because you're annoying, don't make your points very clearly, and refuse to respond to their requests to prove who you say you are.

Thanks for the update on the MB B class electric motor. I did not know that.

This thread, and all the others about GM's EV need to be moved to the General discussions. This is the Model S forums and should be reserved for discussing just that, the Model S.

@goneskiian - if you think we are being harsh, you obviously haven't seem many of his posts.

jat - You might be right. I can't tell if it's his poor English skills or not most of the time.

Maybe he will finally spur Tesla Motors to install proper forum software so we can get some moderators in charge of these forums.

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