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Good 2 Go passes not working

A couple of us are having issues with the good 2 go sticker pass on the windshield under the rear view mirror working. Anyone know why? I don't want that honkin' huge license plate thing on my car!

@Epley, that's disappointing. I'm beginning to think the best bet is just to pay the extra quarter per crossing and let them charge on the basis of the license plate. I could cross several dozen times before the added cost equals the cost of a pass. Also, they were able to read my rear license just fine (still haven't put the front plate on).

@Douglas R

I'm thinking the same thing...I've already spend $$ on several passes, none of which work. I think I'll go with the surcharge at this point.

It is only $0.25 more per trip to opt for the "read the tag" according to the Good To Go office in Gig Harbor.

Accordingly there is no real need for an RFID device and it is obviously a job for someone!

@Epley - where did you place it? I was told to either put it on the lower left front of the windshield or on the right front headlight. I haven't stuck mine on yet. Let me know what isn't working for you so I can avoid it.

@DouglasR - I haven't put my front plate on yet either. Hopefully I never have to...

Our popcicle stick style transferrable pass works fine. We just slide it between the mirror base and the window when we need to use it. We insert it on the passenger's side where the dots are on the windshield. We make sure that it doesn't interfere with the light sensor on the mirror base.

@Captain_Zap, could you take a picture of the pass inserted as you describe? We have the same pass but I doubted it would work because it's quite a bit larger than the dotted area on the windshield. Thanks!

I removed the motorcycle pass--it was on the driver's windshield. They do not come off well, by the way. It was no longer working. Like the Captain, I've found that the popsicle stick works to the passenger side of the rear view mirror. I wonder if you can stick the sticker pass there without interfering with the sensor?

Mine is right below the mirror mount, centered, and it works fine. I have the removable one (Popsicle stick?) as well. It's not in front of the dots, it's about 3/4" below the mirror mount. Visually it's blocked by the mirror so i don't see it as the driver. It has not "missed" getting read yet.

We attach our transferable G2G pass to our SUV windshield with the furnished Velcro bits, works great.

However, windshield mounting was not consistent on our sedan. So moved the Velcro to the front side of the passenger side sun visor, so it is up against the windshield only when the visor is folded down. (That spot makes it all but impossible to see from outside the car.)

BTW, it also reads 100% when just placed atop the dash, up near the windshield, on every other car we've driven.

I just tried the popsicle stick pass along the top edge of the rear view mirror. It fits perfectly, is nearly invisible, and most important, it worked both times I crossed the bridge today. I'll try a few more times and report, but this looks like a good solution.

I crossed the lake again today, and the pass again worked both ways sitting right on the top edge of the rear view mirror. Time to stick the Velcro on.

Thanks for the tip--the popsicle stick on top works great.

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