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Grammar police

Is it an unspoken and unwritten rule that we should correct one another's grammar in these forums? It seems like a select few participants in these forums have taken it upon themselves to police everybody's grammar. It really is annoying, self-serving and self-indulgent. And what ever the intent in correcting another person's grammar is not realized. Grammar is a product of one's culture and civilization. If Shakespeare were alive today he would probably cringe at the grammar here in these forums. To the grammar police out there please remember that this is an international website. We have folks from other countries whose first language is not English. We have people living in the United States whose first language is not English. So let us all enjoy the banter that these forums afford us and not try to appear more intelligent than we really are. Recall two of the smartest people of our time Steve Jobs and Elon use poor grammar frequently but we still respect them and don't dare correct them...

Elon's grammar, stammering aside (from an editic brain trying to take absolutely everything into account at once), is fine. He knows it helps with clear communication. Lousy grammar communicates poorly, ambiguously. Read some of his blog entries. Impeccable.

ESL is not an issue. When attempting to communicate in a second language, corrections are received gratefully, as opportunities to improve and learn. Try it sometime.

Eidetic? Priceless.

Sorry folks some how this topic got posted twice. I only meant to post it once

Yeah; his mother relates how he was able to recall (and repeat) anything he'd read, from childhood. And he reads voraciously. That's how he taught himself rocket science, for example.

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