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Great article about Tesla on VentureBeat : One year and 15,000 miles

A great article about the author's experience with his Model S after a year.

For what it's worth, my 85 is also just over 1 year and about 14,5000 miles. Average power use is 365 KWH/mile. Still on original tires. No significant problems - really, none. The only minor issue is thread wear on the drivers side b-pillar. My wife was also found the regenerative breaking nausea-inducing, so that's been off for the past 8 months. I am still a bit giddy every time the car starts to move. What has changed over the last 12 months is how quickly chargers have been appearing and how even quickerer new EVs have appeared to use the chargers (I am in Marin county, so that may skew things a bit).

I'm coming up on a year myself with about 8500 miles. Only problem I've had is a rear window getting stuck in the down position last summer, which the service center fixed that day while I waited.

Still love the car and the feeling of that incredible acceleration.

The wife and I have charted nearly 40,000 trouble free KMs. Looking forward to the next 40,000+.

Battery degradation has been unnoticeable so far.

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