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handle vs visible email address on forums?

It seems that most people have handles for names on the forums but my email address is appearing. I've looked at the "my profile" page but don't see any way to choose a name for the forums.

I'm pretty sure when I signed up for "my tesla" it asked for my email address as a login... Perhaps that wasn't always the case?


It is in the "username" field right above the "change password" button.

I have searched everywhere on the site and I cannot find a username field or a change password option. I have even gone through the reset password process on the login screen just in case that is the only way to reach what you are talking about.

On my "my profile" page there is an option to set a user image followed by my registration, etc... nothing about a username or password reset. Can you give me details on what you are seeing?


I found the answer - the site does not work with Firefox. When I view my tesla in Safari it works.
Here is an image when viewed in Firefox:

Interesting. I use Firefox on Linux and I have access to the username field.

Works fine on Windows too. Must be Mac FF problem.

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