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Happy Independence Day

Cool pictures

Just beautiful :)

Haha what took you so long to post these? I'm feeling very patriotic again all of a sudden..


The geometry is odd. The red is on the left in both, but the cars are facing opposite directions. Were they rearranged for the second shot?

@Brian H
I guess you're not going to be calculating the latitude or time of day based on the shadows! Of course they were moved.

Man, that would have been nice in a July 4th parade!

Yeah, I know it's a couple days later. It's still 4th of July weekend though :)
All three colors just happened to be at John the Opti-Coat guy's garage.

Brian H,
Nothing gets by you does it? Look, Right Hand Drive Teslas! LOL

You had your camera on "shuffle"?

The picture looked odd with BLUE, WHITE, RED. I simply did a horizontal mirror image to make it RED, WHITE, & BLUE.

BTW, TESLA, Elon, George, or whoever can make it happen. We need a true blue Tesla color (at least by next Independence Day).

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