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Has anyone done the Vacaville->Reno trip yet?

So, has anyone charged up at Vacaville and driven to Reno yet? Only 177 miles or so, but a lot of elevation change.

I'm probably going to try it later this week since I have to make a San Jose run...

Yes, just got back from Reno today.

I'd recommend charging up in Folsom before going to Reno. I left Folsom with a full 265 mile charge and got to Reno with about 70 miles left. Going from Vacaville straight to Reno wouldn't leave you any reserve.

When I left Reno with 240 miles range, I got to Vacaville with about 70 miles remaining.

I'm going to make a San Jose run Thursday, so we'll see.

Like you I've done Folsom to Reno several times with about the same range left over. Since I live in Reno it wouldn't matter if I arrived with little range left. It sure would be convenient not to have to slog back over to 80 from Folsom, though.

I did Vacaville to Tahoe Donner (Truckee) today. No stops. No problems. Left Vacaville with 250 rated miles. Used 200.

Can't comment on nonstop to Reno as I didn't do it. But with 50 rated miles left and the elevation drop to Reno I would think it could be done.

I would still prefer a Roseville supercharger but Vacaville appears to make north Tahoe reachable.

I did it last weekend starting from the East Bay. I have a 60 kWh battery so my experience was a little bit different. I left Vacaville with 206 miles of range. I tried to keep cruise control on as much as possible and it was set at 65 mph.

I reached Donner Summit with only 17 miles of range left! I got to Exit 185 (89 S) with the same range since we were going downhill, but I knew it would be risky to try to make it to my place in North Lake Tahoe, which is 19 miles away (and up a steep hill.)

So I checked recargo and found the Cedar House Sport Hotel a few miles away--it has 3 J1722 chargers! Man was I happy to make it there and a big shout out to the folks who were so accommodating and allowed me to charge there despite not being a guest. I was able to walk to an area with several local restaurants while I charged and shortly thereafter we were on our way.

A few other notes--I have used the Folsom SC with my 60 without any range issues, but as others have said, it's a bit out of the way for N. Lake Tahoe. I look forward to the Roseville site. Secondly, I make it back to Oakland no problem without any stops for a charge. I usually have 30-40 miles of range left.

@Otismyman That sounds like quite a nail-biter! Good to know about the Cedar House Sport Hotel.

I think the Roseville supercharger under construction currently should help with this. Im a future 60 kw owner, was concerned, but that will cut 50 miles off of the trip if you fully charge at the Galleria.

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