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Has anyone with a Signature Reservation configured your Model S yet?

In order to deliver the 5000 2012 Model S vehicles in the 5.5 months or 169 days between 15JUL2012 and 31DEC2012 Tesla must produce 29.586 cars a day and to keep the 90 day "Configure to Delivery" timeframe documented on the Facts page of, Signature Model S Reservation #1 through Signature Model S Reservation #29 should have been configured on 15APR2012. So as of today, 03MAY2012 or 18 days later, Signature Model S Reservation Holder #1 through Signature Model S Reservation Holder #532 should have been contacted by Tesla to sign a MVPA, put up the non-refundable down payment and configure their Signature Model S with a Tesla Configuration Specialist.

Has anyone of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders signed your MVPA, made your deposit and configured your 2012 Signature Model S? Care to share your experience with the rest of us Reservation Holders so that we can know what to expect?

If none of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders have been contacted as of today, Tesla is already 18 days behind schedule and unless they can catch up, only 4468 of the 2012 Tesla Model S cars will be manufactured and delivered in calendar year 2012.

How did you sign an email?


Is there then a link to pay for your Model S Signature via PayPal? ;)

Vawlkus - digital signatures have been around for a while now.
brainman - good one

Well actually for us it was a scanned copy of the manually signed docs, attached to email. Sort of like a fax. Got return email of docs with salesmans signature.

Wonder how that would stand up to a legal challenge. Seems document image fabrication is popular in some circles.

Brian H, there is absolutely no difference to a fax. You can print and fax any (carefully) fabricated image and it will be indistinguishable from an original document. Thus you can as well send it by email in the first place. If fax is ok, then email/scanned image is as well. Other than that, only the original is the original (and even that may be fake, as we all know, albeit at higher cost and effort).

Do they accept trade-ins or you're on your own with your old car ?
Do they keep a part of the deposit if you decide to bail later ?

Once you've signed the papers, the deposit is no longer fully refundable. They keep $10,000 if you decide to bail after signing.

I've heard that they take your trade-in based on some industry standard value--perhaps KBB. Hopefully, if that's the case, it will be the private sale value.

@Jerry3 said: I've heard that they take your trade-in based on some industry standard value--perhaps KBB. Hopefully, if that's the case, it will be the private sale value.

Since it's likely that I'll be asked to sign the MVPA later this month, it would be nice if TM could finalize the terms of any trade-in policy they establish. If it's KBB value, that fine. If it's something else, I'd like to know.

I would like to chime in on the 'signing' issue. People's memories are notoriously unreliable. If someone imagines something enough, the imagination becomes indistinguishable from an actual memory. My point is that an electronic signing is not necessarily to prevent a fraudster from faking something. It serves as a reminder to everyone involved as to what was agreed to. It allows the person signing a chance to see what they are agreeing to in clear writing and to be able to refer back to clear facts if a misunderstanding or disagreement arises. With a verbal agreement, a person can honestly say "yeah, that's what I was going to agree to, but I hadn't done so yet.". Once you have signed, there is no doubt that you agreed with what you were signing.

Re: trade ins, The last three times I have bought a car I went to CarMax first and got a quote from them for a price on my car. In each case it was less than I could have gotten selling the car on my own, but it was more than dealers I was buying from were willing to match. If there is one of these near you I highly recommend it. They'll give you a quote good for 7 days or 100 miles and the whole transaction is pretty quick if/when you do sell it to them.

Somewhere- I can't find it, I believe Tesla is on record as saying "no trade ins." They expect you to sell your current car yourself.

Actually, I just had it confirmed that they have a deal with someone similar to the CarMax one mentioned above, so they will accept tradeins.

Autotrader offers a service called “The Trade-in Marketplace.” You “honestly” fill out an online questionnaire about your car’s condition and they will come back to you with a guaranteed trade in price. One of their local dealers has to inspect the car to confirm the condition. They will then write you a check for your car. I have found they offer higher prices than typical dealers.

At the very least it gives you a realistic price when valuing your trade-in. No, I don't work for Auto trader but it has been a great tool for me.

I believe that is a third party transaction arrangement. I don't believe Tesla takes a financial position on the trade-in. Of course the bottom line is the same for the person trading in, so that is good!

@jackhub, yes, it is a third party arrangement. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Sig #234 configured

@William13: Good news. Congrats!
Just trying to keep track -- you're a 'regular' sig, not a special sig, right?

@ggr, sorry, I didn't make ny point very well. I meant that Tesla, by not offering direct trade-ins is not putting up the capital nor running the financial risk of that operation. Yet with this arrangement, customers can still get the benefit of a trade-in. Win-Win.

I am Sig 92 and received my configure email late yesterday.

I am NOT a roadster owner, so this is a regular sig #.

Now that is music to my ears. Sitting at 1101 that seems closer than I could imagine. Perhaps I'll actaully be able to enjoy the Sig late summer after all. Ty @Charged_Up

S64 Received our configure e-mail yesterday as well and scheduled the phone conference for today (16 May).

davidcjones also reported to have S64 in the "Highest Signature # to be Contacted for Finalizing Order???" thread. He specified that he has a Special Sig Reservation, so that confirms that the Special Sig Reservations have their own reservation numbering.

S92 (regular signature, not sig special) received config email 5/15.


I noticed the same and came to the same conclusion. Delivery of S64 to Arizona is estimated as early September. Based on the registry of reservation holders in Arizona ( may be the first Model S in Arizona. It will be good birthday present regardless. Be prepared for the "sticker shock" when sales tax adds another ~$8000. The $990 delivery fee applies even if you take delivery at the factory so go ahead and follow Tesla's advice of taking delivery where ever it will make you the happiest.

What delivery date estimate were you given?

GGR et al: On my MVPA paperwork there is section 4 that deals with trade-ins and related credits. Section 4 has lines for year, make, model, VIN of your trade-in. There is a line for "agreed trade-in value", another for you to divulge any outstanding associated debt and then one for net trade-in value. Other lines include deposit (the $5,000 or $40,000 you paid a long time ago), cash, and other. These numbers are added up and then subtracted from the sale price to yield what is to be paid upon delivery. When I asked about the trade-in value, the salesman told me that the value would be determined by a yet unindentified third party. The quote would not be valid for very long, so will not even be offered until just before delivery of your car. I was referred to Auto Nation to get an "idea" of my car's value. Back in the fine print there is a complete section covering your trade-in and how you warrant that it is free and clear of any encumberences, that it has never been a taxi or police car, etc. In our case we have already arranged sale of our car so will just handle it as a private sale.

Has anyone signed up for the web access? Is it 3G, 4G? Has it been determined? Can you choose the provider?

I'm Reservation #904 for the Tesla Signature S. I have had no contact yet about ordering my car. I have "saved a design"; selected colors, wheels and interior package on my personal page but I doubt that is anything but a tool to tee up the final order/configuration. I'm eager to get the email but no cigar yet.

Dave Rauschkolb

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