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Has anyone with a Signature Reservation configured your Model S yet?

In order to deliver the 5000 2012 Model S vehicles in the 5.5 months or 169 days between 15JUL2012 and 31DEC2012 Tesla must produce 29.586 cars a day and to keep the 90 day "Configure to Delivery" timeframe documented on the Facts page of, Signature Model S Reservation #1 through Signature Model S Reservation #29 should have been configured on 15APR2012. So as of today, 03MAY2012 or 18 days later, Signature Model S Reservation Holder #1 through Signature Model S Reservation Holder #532 should have been contacted by Tesla to sign a MVPA, put up the non-refundable down payment and configure their Signature Model S with a Tesla Configuration Specialist.

Has anyone of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders signed your MVPA, made your deposit and configured your 2012 Signature Model S? Care to share your experience with the rest of us Reservation Holders so that we can know what to expect?

If none of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders have been contacted as of today, Tesla is already 18 days behind schedule and unless they can catch up, only 4468 of the 2012 Tesla Model S cars will be manufactured and delivered in calendar year 2012.

Next stage after the Tesla Grin -- the Tesla puddle??

Doctor to patient: "Don't worry; it's just TTUI (Transient Tesla Urinary Incontinence), and should pass. Schedule a new appointment in a couple of weeks if you continue to have difficulty containing yourself. I mean your urine."

You guys are so sick! But in a amusing way.


Darn you missing edit feature!

Glad to see that Sigs #802 & 915 got their their "ready to build" emails today. I'm Sig #718 (not Special Sig) and also got my email today. Is this a good sign that Tesla is ramping up production; or, does it mean that there have been lots of Sig cancellations?

Probably means that production is anticipated to be ramping up quickly in late Aug./early Sept.

Tha's OK. 'A amusing' is amusinger than 'an amusing'.

Sig #1199 - got my 'ready to build' email today!

Sig #1101

Configured my Sig this evening. I was told on the phone that it would see my Model S early Oct. Hopefully the MVP says something different.

What does MVPA mean?

I'm assuming it's some kind of contract you sign which says, 'yes, you are really now ordering the car and you are now obligated to pay for it; you can't back out now'

S 1136 Configured!


Sorry... I just noticed I forgot the "A". LOL! Like I said before, it's been one heck of a 24hrs for me.

@Olanmills. Yep, you're locking yourself in. You can still back out, but $10,000 of the deposit is now non-refundable.

For some reason my first-glance read of your sentence offered me "one heck of a 24 liters for me." Pix of 6 gallons of wine or vodka flashed through my head. Apologies.

I'm Sig #963 and was contacted by phone back around 6/15. I received the preliminary quote and the MVPA on 6/19. The MVPA indicated a delivery date of September 2012.

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