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Heading cross country!

Drove from Kentucky to New York last week to pick up my daughter in Hoboken for my co- pilot. As I was exiting the freeway for JFK, I hit something in the road that blew out a tire and bent the rim. Called tesla service at 7:am Monday morning. They had a new tire and rim on by 9 am. Left JFK supercharger at 9:45. Stopped in Hoboken and on to Newark, De. Full range charge and left with 258 miles. Pulled into Somerset sc with 11 miles rang left. Somerset to Macedonia in 3 hrs. It was snowing so the leg to Maumee, Ohio was slow. Got in at 2:30 am and couldn't get to the supercharger because of the snow that hadn't been plowed. Went to a Hampton inn 1/2 mile away and called Tesla. The guy told me to get some sleep and he would see what he could do. I went back to the sc at 8 am and it was clear. Are these guys the best or what! Headed out to Mishawaka with temp at 6 degrees. I'll keep you up to date if there is interest.

I like the sound of .."Tesla's Fast and Free Supercharger Network"

Fast and Free. Good words!! I think I'll be using those words much more when talking about Superchargers!

I hope I have the opportunity to share a moment like that with my daughters.

Well done and thanks for a great week.

@mclary I just think that you're signature "And the point of your post is what?" would have been the funniest thing ever written here.

+1 J&J
+1 @jt

I figgered out how to get those $#&*@(# Dropbox pix posted. Right-click the logo on the upper left and Copy Image Location. Usual HTML then works:

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(The 600 width matches the column here. Alter to suit.)

LOL jtod.

The fact that you remember is great. Thanks. LOL!

Have a great day!


+1 on your reaction. Rather than really congratulate John and Jill for their activity and publicity - he gloms on with his own Tesla team news. His attitudes like these are one of the primary reasons I am very hesitant to purchase a car from the company.

John and Jill, congratulations again on your accomplishment. Sorry I couldn't stay for dinner but just wanted to show support and thank you in person. The bonus was a great conversation with you (John) and I enjoyed hearing your perspective on several topics. Thanks again for making this trip but especially thank you for taking the larger leap of faith and buying a Roadster. These 2 things along with the support of other Roadster and early MS buyers have played a big part in getting Tesla to where it is today and this current Volt, future MS owner (yes there was at least 1 person there who didn't own a Tesla) is very appreciate.

Safe travels to both of you on your return trips.


If I had a choice between a company with a slick and highly polished PR department that is trained to perfection in attending to every nuance of corporate etiquette but which dumps utter crap on the market, or a company with a world-changing revolutionary product that speaks for itself and which shuts down the competition without so much as a single-solitary promotion, I'll take the company with the awesome product, every time!

I dropped Jill off at the airport. She had a 9pm flight that gets into JFK at 5 am. She has to work at 9 am. I think I am more proud of her insistence that she get to work on time than I am of her help on the trip. I got a good night sleep and when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a car, but I suspect Jill feels worse. After a yoga class this morning, I had Ivy detailed. I will take a leasurely drive down 101 and hope to get a factory tour Monday. Go easy on Tesla, I prefer that they were there for me when I ruined a tire, or needed a Supercharger cleared than their presence at the finish. They have many of my pics and I am sure they will use them to their advantage. Thanks to all the people who followed along, we had a blast!

Putting myself in Tesla's shoes, I see nothing wrong with their reaction. Tesla has obviously been working on a trip of their own. Elon has been planning a trip for a while. Why should they then go all out to publicise another team? Elon acknowledged John and Jill in his retweet. That was gracious of him.

@John I agree that there is no sweeter joy than knowing your children have grown into people you can respect. I wish her all the good fortune her attitude deserves. You're a great dad and I count that way ahead of all of your other noteworthy accomplishments.

@myfastlady: So are you driving back to Kentucky alone? That could be even more tiring

Hey! It's a small world: We've got 2 Press coverage:

which is a recap of:

which is a recap of this forum :)

.... then you will be missing a wonderful car and a very good company that stands behind it. It truly will be your loss.

The you are really missing the point (please forgive my bluntness) as Tesla's customers are their sales force. It is people like J&J that day in and day out make others aware of Tesla's existence and the remarkable car they have produced.

WRT my concerns, I'll follow myfastlady's advice :)

Circling back to the reason for this thread. Thank you of taking the time to share you journey. I enjoyed living vicariously through your trip.

Team Tesla may have been the odds on favorite for the win, but team myfastlady with Trainer John, Apprentice Jockey Jill and Steed Ivy won the race going away. Even Tesla understands how important it is to be the first out of the starting gate, to have the finest thoroughbred in history and a "master plan just between you and me".

That is what makes champions.

Tesla is much like Zenyatta at the Breeder's Cup Classic in 2009. Running dead last, Zenyatta overtakes all the others for one of the most spectacular wins in sports history. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

I like bluntness ;-) but I am not missing the point. Tesla will get lots of publicity for their trip and for Elon's trip. Tesla will continue to have their customers evangelise for them. In our own lives, how many of us promote others above ourselves?

Thank you Jill and John. The excitement from your adventure that came across on this thread over the last 6 days was truly amazing!

This is epic!

I opened a nice bottle of wine on page 12 of this read, and read up to here.

Congrats to John & Jill from Europe. Be assured that a LOT of people from all over the world followed this thread and joined the celebrations!

John and Jill great achievement. Congrats. Hope to emulate you one day. Planning smaller trips up the west coast at present. Tesla definitely missed out on a great PR opportunity. Not too late though. Somewhere should call Fremont and let them though we are disappointed. However this should not detract from the car or their customer service. @bonaire if this is the reason you won't purchase a Tesla I don't believe you were a serious buyer anyway. Enjoy your polluting ICE

Thanks to Elon for letting someone else take the Thunder (was inevitable if everything will be in place for 2 months before his trip).

This event actually helps the cause - an ordinary person can do it, with no help from a PR staff, Tesla support team on location, and cameras being directed to catch specific information. And in adverse conditions.

Elon is a little slyer than we give him credit for.

Sorry to be late to the party on this one. Congrats John and Jill. History has been made. Kudos!

Captain_Zap I may have been the only one to watch the youtube video of Zenyatta but thanks. I had seen the race before and we saw her race at Del Mar when we were there with our horses- very fun.

myfastlady (John & Jill) - was great to follow your trip the past week, thanks so much for sharing. And John, especially appreciated your post trip commentary re: TM, well said. Best to you both.

bb0tin | JANUARY 26, 2014 NEW
I like bluntness ;-) but I am not missing the point. Tesla will get lots of publicity for their trip and for Elon's trip. Tesla will continue to have their customers evangelise for them. In our own lives, how many of us promote others above ourselves?

Yes, you are correct. Elon and the Fast Tesla Team will get publicity. Tesla will continue to have their customers evangelize for them.

The point is, Elon missed a golden opportunity to heap praise where it belongs and that, to make sure the point is not missed, was on the duo that did the deed. There will always be time (later) to promote additional elements of your (company's) agenda. There was nothing to be gained mentioning it yesterday. One of the reason people respond to Elon the way they do is his quirky mixture of intelligence, ego and humility. He would have been served best by relying more on the latter yesterday.

J&J did Tesla and the rest of us a huge service by taking the time to make the journey and keep us all posted along the way.

In my business life, I routinely put my customer's interests before my personal interests and often in front of my perceived business interests. I learned early on that the customer was the only reason for me to be there in the first place thus their interests were almost always aligned with my long term business interests (if I were only not so pig headed as to see it).

John & Jill, thanks so much for sharing this fantastic trip with us. I had a great week following your progress. Congratulations again!

There's been some awesome threads on this forum, but this one is now officially my favorite :)

Great sidebars too, such as Secretariat's "moving like an incredible machine" victory, and Zenyatta's "unbelievable" win. I watched both of those again on youtube (h/t to Captain_Zap).

Congratulations to John and Jill!

Only just learned about this trip now and just sat in a café giggling and laughing through 17 pages of comments!

Wish I would have know earlier, I would have been there at Hawthorn!

I take everyone I can to the SC there and everytime I see their eyes light up with the recognition of what this all means for the future of transportation.

How exciting! Yesterday I had a bad encounter with an EV hater at a local SoCal hardware store, put me in a real bad mood and now all that is gone and you have lifted my spirits again

Good luck on your trip up to Freemont, John!

Some of us Bay area folks would love to meet you in Fremont and congratulate you in person! It should be about a 6-7 hour run from Hawthorne depending on how long you stop at the Superchargers along the way.

Let us know when you get to Gilroy's Superchargers (although you may be able to make it without stopping at Gilroy). Estimate how long you may wait at the Gilroy SC before going to Fremont with a posting time here. Based on the time of day, we can estimate how long it will take. Be aware traffic going into San Jose gets bad after 3 pm and by 5pm it's mostly stop and go!

Fremont is about 45 minutes from Gilroy without traffic.

+1 TeslaTap.

Tomorrow is hectic, but will try and make it.

@lola +1

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