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Heading cross country!

Drove from Kentucky to New York last week to pick up my daughter in Hoboken for my co- pilot. As I was exiting the freeway for JFK, I hit something in the road that blew out a tire and bent the rim. Called tesla service at 7:am Monday morning. They had a new tire and rim on by 9 am. Left JFK supercharger at 9:45. Stopped in Hoboken and on to Newark, De. Full range charge and left with 258 miles. Pulled into Somerset sc with 11 miles rang left. Somerset to Macedonia in 3 hrs. It was snowing so the leg to Maumee, Ohio was slow. Got in at 2:30 am and couldn't get to the supercharger because of the snow that hadn't been plowed. Went to a Hampton inn 1/2 mile away and called Tesla. The guy told me to get some sleep and he would see what he could do. I went back to the sc at 8 am and it was clear. Are these guys the best or what! Headed out to Mishawaka with temp at 6 degrees. I'll keep you up to date if there is interest.

Wow, this trip was epic! Thanks for the posts along the way. Certainly, history was made on this trip!

+1 TeslaTap
Just because J&J didn't land here 1st doesn't mean we don't want to share the love!

Please do tell us when you hit Gilroy John-we would love to greet you @ Fremont.
Besides, I want dinner drinks & stories too!

Still Grinning ;-)

I guess we are looking at it from different angles.

Re your comment about putting the customer's interests before your own - I do not believe that Tesla disadvantaged John and Jill in any way, so I don't believe it is a fair comparison.

If Tesla had have sought PR for this unexpected trip, then I think they would have had a tough time getting the same coverage for their own (already organised) trip.

Ring ring...ring ring...
Hello, News desk.
Hi, this is Tesla. We are doing a double EV speed record across America in Tesla S's using only superchargers. Want to cover it?
Didn't we hear from you last week? Hasn't it been done already?
That was a private team. We are doing something different.
Ummm. Sorry. Already covered that. Bye.

+1 @Tap and @Sheesmyne2
John, we'd love to meet you and shake your hand. NorCal Tesla owners will flood roads and bridges to do so!


The problem is you are equating both events - in general the unscripted, unplanned event is going to have much more credibility with the general public--any kind of choreographed event is always going to invite some level of skepticism.

Tesla should certainly do their own dog-and-pony with Elon and whatever teams they have, but in my opinion, they missed an opportunity to leverage social media and their media contacts to shine a spotlight on what J&J did.

At the end of the day, most folks will find more relevancy in what J&J did as opposed to the corporate events in trying to understand if a Tesla is the right choice for them.



There are 3 ground breaking news:

1) John & Jill: First Ever Supercharger NYC-LAX.

2) 2 Tesla Teams: Fastest LAX-NYC EV speed to be broken.

3) Elon Spring Break: You can take your EV vacation too.

I don't see how news would be complete if you only cover 1 out of 3 or 2 out of 3!

1) Ordinary owners without special help or planning from central headquarters can make it on an EV in the cold of snow or heat of dessert. Just do it! No special permission needed!

2) Well plan, scientifically planned and plotted with computer simulation trip and approved by Tesla will be seen by the public for its well execution. Redundancy system is planned. Not just 1 team, but 2 teams.

3) If a CEO can do it, you can do it too. Come aboard :)

Hey! It's a small world: So what that we got only a third web article coverage. It doesn't mention names. Cannonball Run, you, oh you know who you are [wink, wink] ;-

In response to a question. I plan to leave Ivy here in San Francisco and fly back to use her a couple of times with my wife before spring. In recent trips to California, I was forced to rent an ice car and it was like driving a model t (we have been spoiled). The last time in LA, I rented a model S from Herz for a day, but they charged $550/day with a $3000 deposit. I won't need Ivy in Kentucky until Spring. My sister Dorothy may also come out to California and use Ivy for sightseeing and Jill has volunteered to drive her back to Kentucky with her boyfriend (I think I can trust her on a road trip without me).

...and the Factory in Fremont greeting tomorrow?

Still Grinning ;-)

John, we'll come to meet you at lunchtime if you are already up here and going over to the factory tomorrow...what time?

If you don't want the attention, I respect that. It seems that you weren't quite ready for how viral this went with MS owners. ;-)

I guess I have less faith than others that the mainstream media is much interested in covering one, let alone three trans-america EV crossings. As demonstrated by John and Jill's arrival, the media were largely not interested even in covering the first crossing. I expect Tesla will get more coverage for their crossings.
I believe that to have expected Tesla to push for PR (now) on John and Jill's trip, is to haved asked Tesla to forgo some (most?) of the coverage of their crossing. I think Tesla were placed in an unexpected and unenviable position.

Daughter - MS - boyfriend - cross-country. I trust my daughter too, but that ain't happenning for her!

Waiting to hear from Tesla about a tour. Staying in Paso Robles tonight, Will update tomorrow. Good night

Now that cross country horizontally was done.

Is it possible to do it vertically? From LAX to Anchorage, Alaska? That's almost 3,500 miles.

Battery is not allowed in -22F for more than 24 hours at a time but up there, it could get to -70F easily.

Hmmmm! Sounds like impossible for now even when we'll get superchargers all lined up for the trip.

Ok! It's off topic anyhow.

Good luck and safe trip to Fremont, John!

Congratulations J&J+Ivy. Bravo and well done. Can't wait to see the trip photos. Being a Model S owner for a year, the longest trip I've done is Boston to NYC. Planning a cross-country trip this summer, thanks to both of you! What a wonderful inspiration.

Congratualations and thanks for the great inspiration myfastlady. I am really looking forward to my families first cross country trip in the Model S. My longest trip is from Portland to Seattle before the Centralia SC was in. This will all be even more fun in the Model X. Love to see some photos from your trip.

Geez, you don't read this forum for a week and look what you miss, history!

Congratulations to the intrepid travelers!

Great fun and a great read!

OK! You probably are tired of hearing me “It's a small world” and thus, we only got a fourth web article coverage!

No names mentioned either. How mysterious things work around here.

Did Tesla Flat Stanley hitch a ride with John and Ivy for the voyage back to Kentucky?

8:35 Leaving for Gilroy now

@myfastlady - If you don't hear from Tesla, tours typically run at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. While it's not open to the public, I'm fairly sure as an owner you can go with one of these groups so long as it's not full. Generally the people on the tour are picking their car's up at the factory. I'm not sure if they run a tour if no one is picking up a car at that group time, but the times I've been there have always been busy with new owners.

If I remember correctly, I think they can take up to 24 people at a time. Tesla has a tram for about 60% of the tour, while the rest is walking. The tour takes about an hour.

You might plan to get to Fremont 30-60 minutes before one of these times. If we can coordinate it, I and other bay area owners would love to meet you in Fremont too!

Leaving Paso Robles at 8:35 am, it should take about 2 hours to get to Gilroy, another hour for charging, you may leave Gilroy around 11:35 am (although you don't need a full charge at Gilroy, so you could leave earlier). It's about 45 minutes to Fremont, and traffic should be reasonable so you might arrive around 12:20pm, good timing for the 1pm tour.

So, did this set any sort of record for cross-country travel in an electric vehicle ?

First across country in Tesla Models S only using Superchargers.


Sure, but I was hoping for a more interesting, more generalized "World's Record" sort of thing.

The closest I can find is a "record" set back in April 2013 set by Men's Health Magazine in a Ford Focus Electric.

They made the trip in 11 days, 9 hours, and 35 minutes.

I believe the tours are open to anyone with a car or a reservation. We took the tour a couple of months after we took delivery of our Model S.


@Tap, John 12:20 at Fremont?

We hope to make it!

Any other Bay Area owners who can sneak out from work?

12:20 pm Fremont arrival is my rough guess from when he left Paso Robles. I hope John will give us a timing update when he gets into Gilroy.

What's that about "battery is not allowed in -22F over 24 hours"?!?

Can anybody clarify? I understood the Model S runs fine in even severe cold as long as it was plugged in and battery pre warmed. And isn't there a sub-zero package?

Comments, please.

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