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Heading cross country!

Drove from Kentucky to New York last week to pick up my daughter in Hoboken for my co- pilot. As I was exiting the freeway for JFK, I hit something in the road that blew out a tire and bent the rim. Called tesla service at 7:am Monday morning. They had a new tire and rim on by 9 am. Left JFK supercharger at 9:45. Stopped in Hoboken and on to Newark, De. Full range charge and left with 258 miles. Pulled into Somerset sc with 11 miles rang left. Somerset to Macedonia in 3 hrs. It was snowing so the leg to Maumee, Ohio was slow. Got in at 2:30 am and couldn't get to the supercharger because of the snow that hadn't been plowed. Went to a Hampton inn 1/2 mile away and called Tesla. The guy told me to get some sleep and he would see what he could do. I went back to the sc at 8 am and it was clear. Are these guys the best or what! Headed out to Mishawaka with temp at 6 degrees. I'll keep you up to date if there is interest.

@logicalthinker - Yep I was wondering about that too. While I haven't found the low temp specification on Tesla's site, if true, more likely it means the battery shouldn't be below -22F for 24 hours without being plugged in or being run (either of which can keep the battery heated).

Thx, TeslaTap. Probably, but I need to know.

Anybody else with further insights re: my OT question to the OT comment about -22F?

(OT) The warranty specifically states that if the vehicle is exposed to ambient temps above 140°F or below -22°F for more than 24 consecutive hours and causes damage to the battery it would not be covered.
(I was going to quote word for word, but copyright?)

I'm catching this thread a bit late in the game, but nevertheless wanted to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to John and Jill for making this epic journey across America!

Thanks for sharing.

11:29 leaving Gilroy now

Thanks John - see you at Fremont!

Great! See you there.

I'll try to get there to shake your hand and say congrats!

Wish I were in southern California. (Isn't that a lyric?) I'd bail out in a second to be there.

@ BrassGuy, we are meeting in Fremont at the factory, Bay Area, NorCal.

Hmm, so basically if I drive thru Canada in severe winter, I must park the car each night in a heated garage, or keep an electric blanket wrapped under it at night (I'd probably do the latter, held in place with straps. Otherwise you really can't use the car in some places where people actually do live. Eg my cousin lives in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, where it currently is -22.


Why don't you start a new thread so you can get more in depth attention about your topic there? I don't know about the need to be garage kept, but I would definitely want to be plugged in when for overnights.

Or plug it in. (Sorry to join the high jack but it needed to be righted)

My bad. I was thinking of "...never rains in..." But if I were in SoCal I'd've taken the time off to get to Freemont.

I know, I know! Here I go again. I am not complaining, just want to say that we ONLY got a fith web article coverage!

Nice names were mentioned of course!

Sorry. It was more of "better address it here since it was mentioned here." Now that I reflect, I guess I could have started a new thread and linked to it here.

But I think the point is it isn't OK to even plug it in overnight>24hr in under -22. Argh, maybe this does need a new thread.

I does. Thanks.

John arrived safely in Fremont and is doing great. We had a small greeting party of 10 or so that spent some time congratulating, thanking, and discussing the trip. Then TM whisked him away for a special tour and award presentation. Looking forward to hearing the details from John later!

I'm glad to see that this monumental achievement is getting the press that it deserves. We're all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear how this trip continues as you make your way up north so keep us updated!

I got these cleared by Greg Reichow, the VP of Tesla Manufacturing. Here is Greg welcoming John at the Supercharger in Fremont and a surprise reception in the Powertrain manufacturing area. Congratulations John! This is a huge accomplishment.

Many thanks to the Tesla employees for doing that!!!!

WOW! Now that's awesome what a great moment for EV's Tesla and of course John and Jill! Can't wait till Spring when I'm able to take the electric highway back to Jersey from Vegas!

Sweet standing ovation! Well done by Tesla and well earned by John!

Thanks for the pics!

Hey, would they invite John to join their record-breaking attempt this weekend? He does need to go back East anyway, I think.

Plus, he knows the way :)

It was really nice to meet John at Fremont! Thanks to Telsa for giving John a great surprise reception too!

Thanks for a great report and pictures!


That's a big reception.

First from owners, then with employees lining up cheering for the first ever all Supercharger cross country achievement!

Yes, indeed. It's a great achievement for such a period for Tesla and its owners.

Congratulations everyone :)

Way to go Tesla! Thanks for showing them the love they deserve!

It was great meeting John, as well as NKYTA, Shesmyne, TeslaTap and many others today!

Tesla made good by giving John the 'special' factory tour. :-)

It was great meeting John at the Factory SC, a real genuine guy! Ivy looked pretty too!

Nice also to catch up with Tap and other forum enthusiasts.

It was hinted by Dan (I think he runs service there) that some "extra" things were in store for John, I'm glad one of them was a standing O!! Way to go TM!

It was an honor to meet you John.
I'm guessing after all the accolades you have received here Jill will now have a true understanding of what the two of you accomplished. You are true Tesla Ambassadors.

GREAT job on Tesla's part for giving him the recognition he so well deserves.

Still Grinning ;-)

I find myself checking back every 30 minutes just to see if there will be any updates and sure enough there's plenty. All smiles here.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures! A big pat on the back for TM and everyone at the factory who contributed to paving this electric highway.

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